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OT: Prayer Request

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    Continued prayers for sure!
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      Thank you! The good news is that she feels better when distracted or working, so we continue to give thanks for her work. We will be communicating with doctors via phone, email, or patient portal, while she carries on.

      After talking with my husband last night, we decided to return to her good renal diet, investigate a few other things with her specialists behind the scenes, and help Michelle enjoy her various roles in life. As we tweak whatever is needed, I think she'll be just fine.

      This approach was confirmed for me when I picked her up from work yesterday. As Activities Aide, Michelle's favorite activity is helping the older ladies with Bingo, but she is open to anything they want to do. Yesterday she gave a big wave from a card-playing table of residents and said with a smile, "I'm learning the finer points of Canasta!"


        What a whirlwind. Sunday night when her bp remained high, she started a low dose of bp med prescribed by her doctor. We felt unsure about this remedy but administered it anyway. Monday morning (yesterday), I left my house with a great deal of ambivalence and drove toward the St. Louis airport for a 3-day classical education meeting in Dallas, feeling as if I was going the opposite direction of my heart.

        I dropped my car at my mom's and met the car service that takes me to the airport. On my way to the St. Louis airport, I received a text from my husband. Michelle's bp and pulse were still high and, more urgently, she was wincing, grabbing her chest, and complaining of chest pain and pressure "like a tight grip." I told the driver I would need to make a phone call. He continued driving toward the airport as I called Michelle's doctor's office. They tracked down her doctor (the blessings of a small town), who told me to take Michelle to the ER where more thorough tests could be performed. He did not know I was 75 minutes away from home. I hung up with the doctor and told my husband the doctor wants Michelle in the ER. I could not bring myself to exit the car. It was idling in the Departures Lane.

        When I asked, the driver said yes, he could take me back to my car. I told my husband I would not get on the plane but, instead, would drive back home from St. Louis and would meet him at the ER. Back at my mom's, I suddenly realized I had no way to get into her condo. My keys were inside. I knew she was napping. As if in a scene from a movie, I tossed small rocks onto her upper floor bedroom to awaken her.

        She gave me my keys and told me not to drive too quickly on my way to the ER. Our home town is over an hour away. I assured her I was fine. A few moments Iater I noticed my speedometer. (She was right!) I slowed down quite a bit and still arrived in time to chat with the ER doctor who is a cardiologist.

        When I approached her hospital bed, Michelle reached out her hand to hold mine. "Thank you, Mommy," she said to me softly. I noticed on the monitor that her pulse lowered ever so slightly.

        My son and husband had become hungry by this time. They left and I remained in the ER with Michelle two more hours. They ran various tests. Before they would let her leave, they wanted to see a drop in bp. When this was achieved, they let us go home. They had started her on a much stronger dose of twice-daily bp medication.

        This has lowered her bp over the past 24 hours, but her resting pulse remains very high. Doctors do not yet have an explanation for all of this, so she will undergo an echocardiogram tomorrow.

        Last night she felt the effects of the high dose of medication. Cringing under her covers, she said, "I feel as if someone is spinning me around the room by my feet. Please make it stop." All of this is hard to watch. She had to call in sick for work today.

        We are trying to keep things as quiet and normal as possible for her. In between rounds of snuggling and resting, currently she is alternately writing and seeing her cat Silky.

        I do not usually use valuable forum space for personal matters but wanted to give you this update. I would have enjoyed that 3-day gathering; however, I'm unspeakably thankful to be home. My family is grateful too. We appreciate your support and prayers very much. I'll share more if we learn anything more.

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          Memoria Press is praying - all 37 of us!

          Keep us posted!


            Praying for your sweet daughter!
            DS (16)
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              You're a wonderful model for us, Cheryl. Praying for all of you!
              Blog: [url][/url]

              DS18: Graduated and living his dream in the automotive trades
              DS17: MP, MPOA, headed to his favorite liberal arts college this fall
              DS15: MP, MPOA
              DS13: Mix of SC 5/6 & SC 7/8
              DD11: Mix of 5M and SC7/8
              DD10: SC3
              DD7: MPK


                Thank you so much for sharing. We are here to pray for you and sweet Michelle!

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                  Thank you the update, Cheryl. We are all so blessed because of your family and your commitment to Michelle and Michael's classical education.
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                    I've been out of the loop. My prayers to you, Michelle, and your entire family.

                    I wish we could all send food!

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                      Dear Cheryl,

                      I am praying for you all!

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                        That's a lot to go through! I'm thankful you had the grace to be where you were most needed. We're praying her symptoms subside and her levels make it back to normal.
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                          Praying Cheryl! I am sorry I am just now seeing this most recent update. I know you will continue to keep us posted, so I am thankful for that. Bless you all. May you get the rest and answers you all need......and healing stability for Michelle’s health concerns.


                            I'm so sorry to read that she's suffering. Praying for healing, peace, and comfort for your sweet Michelle and for your family.
                            Honored & Blessed to be teaching my children at home
                            (since 2001)

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                              Thank you, everyone, for the tremendous love and support, and especially for your prayers.

                              I am happy to report that we learned today Michelle's echocardiogram is NORMAL, as are her renal and other cardio tests.

                              This seems to indicate that whatever it is, we caught it early and no damage has been done. Her bp and pulse are now responding well to the beta-blockers, so the doctor told us to reduce them by half to reduce side effects. We may be able to remove them altogether at some point. We will monitor this. They're calling it "essential hypertension," possibly caused by so many years of anti-psychotics from her childhood schizophrenia. Our plan now is to lean more toward the DASH diet than pure renal, increasing her exercise to lower her BMI and improve cardiac function, check hormonal/endocrine numbers and anything else they recommend, and continue reducing any medications that may be contributing to her tachycardia.

                              Like many of us, she needs to eat less and move more. She and I already study First Form Latin together. We may add twice-weekly swimming back into our routine, as we did during full-time homeschooling.

                              Meanwhile, today as I was working on finishing touches for SC 7&8, Michelle appeared by my desk all dressed for her job. "You're feeling well enough to work?" I asked. "Oh yes!" she said with a smile as she bounced up and down. We all scrambled. Michael helped to prepare her lunch and water bottles for the day, and my husband drove her to work. Her nursing home supervisor told her they had been missing her.

                              With her reasonably clean bill of health, Michelle wants to join me for our Simply Classical Great Homeschool Convention tour. We'll start with the one nearby, so I am pleased to announce that she will be with me for the Missouri convention in March for the first time. She plans to assist at the booth and also in our speaking sessions. I told her that the hours are long. With renewed energy from the lowered bp, she told me, "I don't mind one bit!" Thanks be to God.


                                Woo hoo!! This is great news to go into the weekend with!