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SC reading and writing advice

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    SC reading and writing advice

    Good morning,

    I am using MP traditional grade 1 with my identical twin girls who have recently turned 7. We have been cruising along fairly well until the last few weeks. One of my twins seems to be regressing with her reading, phonics, spelling and writing. Today we have finished Little Bear "Birthday Soup" lesson. We've read the story everyday, at least twice a day, for a week. Her twin sis is reading it through quickly with little to no mistakes. She, on the other hand, stumbled the whole way through it and messing up words like "hope" and "like" and reading "now" as "was".

    Here is what we are doing everyday: I read the whole story (or assigned pages) slowly with both of them following along with their finger. They then buddy read out loud to me switching off at paragraph. I then separate them and have each of them read to me.

    I suppose her struggles are noticed by me more since her sis is sailing right along. As much as it is a dream to teach them both at the same time, I am feeling the need to adjust for my struggling girl. I have the SC Lp's. Curious as to the thoughts on where to begin... Should I start her back at week one, or pick up where we are in Little Bear currently, or maybe at the point as to which she began to struggle?

    I also have an eye appointment scheduled for her just to rule that potential eye issues as she often mentions she sees green blotches in her books and paper. Her handwriting has regressed considerably to what looks like the way she wrote at the beginning of K. She is all over the paper and forming multiple letters incorrectly.

    Should I consider switching all her LA to SC for now? Writing, reading, phonics and spelling? Or do you think just the SC plans and pace for the Lit will be appropriate from which to start? She does okay with the phonics flashcards..better with the consonant teams/blends than the vowels and pretty well with sight words when by themselves. In the midst of a sentence, about 50/50 correct.

    Cursive is going fairly well considering the current quality of her print.

    She is a math rock star. No problems there, just poor writing and number formation.


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    How soon is her eye appointment? Is it with a vision therapist or a regular optometrist? The suddenness of this — and the way it suddenly extends to her handwriting — sounds like it might be a new or worsening physical condition, rather than a phonics struggle. If her appointment is this week or next, I would be inclined to focus on math and simply read good books to her until then.
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      Hi, Katie. Regression is different than simply "struggling," so I'm with Jennifer on seeing what the eye appointment shows. Does she have other physical symptoms, such as headaches or coordination difficulties? It could be important both to identify and to rule out contributing factors.

      If you decided to begin with the SC plans as you wait, I would begin at the point she began struggling, accelerate where possible, and pause where necessary. If at any point you can tell she needs to go back further, slide back as far as needed and proceed from there.

      Keep us posted!!
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        I'm echoing the encouragement to get her checked out as soona s you can. Not be doom and gloom or alarmist (though it is going to seem that way) BUT we had friends whose daughter had some of the same issues. Turns out she had a baseball sized tumor at the base of her brain. I'm not saying your daughter has the same thing and certainly don't go ask Dr. Google! It is just you never can tell and sudden changes are worth checking out as soon as possible. It could be nothing more than really needing glasses. Kudos to you for taking it seriously!
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          Thanks for the ideas. Her appointment is on Tuesday. I am a bit concerned but hoping it’s just something simple. My twins were premature and did see a pediatric opthomologist a few times just as a standard to make sure no preemie eye issues were manifesting. All clear and no issues at age 2. Her older brother went through a couple of years with reoccurring iritis. And my middle daughter had double strabismus surgery at 2. So, maybe (hopefully) it is a vision issue that can be easily corrected.

          Like I mentioned, her twin sis has always been quicker in regards to L.A. and she has been quicker to catch on in math and a lightening fast at flashcards. Maybe I just need to slow her down or back up a bit because she does get easily frustrated when sis is flying through reading, phonics flashcards and spelling and she is much slower. I switched to SC with my middle daughter in first because she was really struggling to read. Her reading didn’t take off until almost 8, and now she can’t put a book down! It’s so hard not to compare children, ya know? Especially when they are identical twins!

          2020/21: 7th year with MP
          DS 16: 11th, MPOA Euro Hist I, CS III, Divine Comedy; Schole Geometry, Spanish; Catholic Social Teaching, A & P
          DD 13: 9th, MPOA Diploma Program; Catholic Social Teaching, VT Alg. 1
          DD 9: MP 5, Seton Religion and Spelling, MPOA: FF Latin, Fable
          Twin DD's 7: MP 2, Seton Religion and Phonics


            Yes, even in fraternal twins!

            Separating them for reading might be wise. We did that here for reading and for spelling.