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OT Car Trip

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    OT Car Trip

    We are taking a road trip soon. Our son with ASD/ADHD has been having tantrums (of the spectrum variety) that border on violent in the car while we are driving. This includes unbuckling his seatbelt and throwing objects.

    He has his noise-reducing headphones, weighted pad, etc. books, audio books, but I must be missing something that will help calm him. I am out if ideas!

    Have any of you discovered a calming essential oil, anything (!) that seemed to work in your car for calm?

    Thank you in advance.
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    We have a rule in our car travels that anything under 5 hours is a media-free zone. For 6+ hrs we take Kindles/iPads with favorite movies or episodes of Nature Cat or the brothers science one from ones they haven't seen so it holds their attention. Other trips we've played audiobooks from the Little House series. We recently listened to Little Town on the Prairie. It was interesting for everyone.

    I have many friends who leave in the middle of the night to only drive with sleeping kids. I have tried this once to an alert car full of overtired, wide-awake kiddos.

    Have you asked your primary caregiver about a light sedative? I don't know how violent I would let my child get before seeking the big guns, especially if you've taken all reasonable precautions.
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      Could he be afraid something bad is going to happen while driving? Or could the motion of the car be making him 1) feel queasy or 2) go into sensory overload? I don’t know how well he can explain what he’s worried about, but if it’s a possibility, asking him what is going through his mind or what he is feeling (avoiding the abstract “why”) might give you some more to go on.
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        I will try to talk to him today about "why". He's been tantruming like this at home also. We have a big clue as to the "why" and working on that. (Sorry to be vague!)

        We have left in the middle of the night for this particular journey before and it worked well. But we didn't have this problem in the car last year.

        Our family just went on a short trip for a weekend event my daughter participated in. We drove 30 minute distances to drop her off, back to the host's home, to our friend's etc. I think overstimulation is a big possibility there.

        And yes, "big guns"! I have the Bach flower remedies, we control diet, etc. but I feel the need to have something else to ensure the safety of the other children and e and my husband.
        expat mama south of the border
        DD (14) MP 9 Core, modified, (Greek, Music Theory)
        DS (10) SC4
        DS2 (7) SC1
        DS3 (4) SCB


          Hi, Grace. You might ask his doctor whether he thinks it would be warranted to give your son something for the travels, as suggested above. If he says yes, then this combined with leaving at night as you have done successfully in the past, might help keep everyone safe.