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2nd Grade Dyslexia DX - Reading

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    2nd Grade Dyslexia DX - Reading


    My daughter was recently diagnosed with severe Dyslexia. This is our first year with MP, and we have been working on the FSR Kinder program. We are currently in book B.

    Is there huge difference between the Simply Classic reading program vs the regular? Could I just move slower with the program we have and add in extra practice?

    This is our 3rd reading program so I really don't want to have to toss another and get another.

    She is going to be starting other interventions to address the dyslexia through a dyslexia specialist. But I would like to continue with our reading program, I have seen the greatest progress through FSR.

    Does it align well with Orton & Gillingham? (Which I was told is the model for teaching reading with a dyslexia DX)
    Any suggestions would be great.

    Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

    You may keep your reading program! We recommend only that you purchase the Simply Classical Level 1 Phonics & Reading lesson plans to accompany teaching FSR and Classical Phonics. Use the MP Phonogram Cards and, yes, together all of these will align nicely with the O-G approach.

    To find the lesson plans, search Individual Lesson Plans by Subject, scroll down to Special Needs, then Simply Classical Level 1 Phonics & Reading.


      I would highly agree with Cheryl. Grab the individual lesson plans. They schedule the same books, but already adjust the pace and workload for you. That helps tremendously, the heavy lifting and thinking has been done for you. Instead of you trying to figure out how to shorten or modify a lesson, it's already done.

      One of the biggest benefits I have seen by using the modified lessons is that I don't work my child to exhaustion. Before, I would work until he showed distress. Then I would stop. Well, that's not very productive. It taught my son to balk early and often to his lessons in the hope he could stop early. It's far better to stop on a positive note. That was really hard for me to determine where that line was.

      I wanted to push my son to achieve, but respect his slower pace. The modified lesson plans allow that. We do a days lesson and stop. Period.

      We too blew through reading programs trying to find one that worked. Memoria Press worked. Simply Classical works even better.
      Married to DH for 14 years. Living the rural life in the Colorado mountains

      DS11- Simply Classical 5/6
      DD9- Simply Classical 5/6 (neurotypical, but schooling with big brother to save mom's sanity)
      DD 6- Classic Core First Grade

      We've completed:
      Classic Core Jr. kindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.
      Simply Classical levels B, C, 1, 2, 3, and 4.


        Here is the link for those lesson plans, In addition to the important pacing, as Colomama mentioned, you will find some non-writing, O-G-type ways to help your daughter "see" the phonemes and practice in enjoyable ways.
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