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Handwriting in SC C

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    Thank you, Cheryl! Those are great tips! He seems to do better with coloring if I use a wide marker to draw the outline, but sometimes I forget to do that ahead of time and he decides he doesn’t want me to color on his page. 😂 He is very determined about picking out the colors he’s going to use and tells everyone “I LOVE coloring!” That would not have been said just a few months ago! ❤️

    For letters and numbers, he does best if I write with a yellow marker and he traces it. There are very few letters that he’ll attempt on his own, (without any examples) but sometimes he surprises me and writes one. That seems to be an issue at OT... he can’t just write a letter if she asks him. We did get his vision checked this summer. We were told he was farsighted by the pediatric ophthalmologist that saw him as a baby/toddler, and I wanted to make sure he wasn’t having any issues before starting kindergarten. The doctor that just examined him felt he didn’t need glasses at this point. Something I have noticed today was that he did better with the letters if they were directly in front of him, but as he worked toward the right, they became sloppier and slanted. We tried shifting the paper so he was working “front and center” and it seemed to help a bit!

    He has gained in so many areas since we started Simply Classical! I really wasn’t sure how quickly to let him move through B, but he was wanting to read entire books instead of a few pages a day, and was really soaking it in! I so wish we had found SC a year (or more) ago, because A & B would have been exactly what he needed! Thanks so much! ❤️