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My SC Students' Catch Up Post

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    My SC Students' Catch Up Post

    I know it has been a while. I hope everyone is doing well. A little update on my two SC guys:

    G is FINALLY going to have testing through the school district even though he is not enrolled! I'm happy but very nervous. I'm not sure I trust these people but free ASD testing is free.

    He finished ALL his books in July, even his MP things (except lit guides. I cannot get him to do those even orally.) My biggest issue was his absolute refusal to memorize the States and Capitals. He loved filling in the book and maps and can correctly label a blank USA map so I am thinking to call that 'nuff done. He eventually made his own schedule with more work than I would have asigned for his MP subjects, too! Now after a break, we are having the usual dig in his heels thing. I hate this part of the year. Thankfully, I know as soon as he 'gets with the program', it will be over.

    He is going to be using MP for:
    -FMOR orally answering comp. questions and only filling in Drill questions
    -Geog 1 and USA Review
    -Tiner Hist. of Med and Biology using the book chapter quizzes only

    His other things are not MP so I am not sure if it is ok to post.

    M is making leaps and bounds with his speech. Some days he is even using the occasional 3 word sentence! He 'reads' to himself from his Jesus storybook and other books. He is doing much better with scissors since I bought him a child-sized pair of loop scissors. Daily, I have lots of confetti being made. He is recognizing lots of the letters and their sounds, counting to 20, and all the other goodies EXCEPT having enough control to write/draw or cut in a line. I am thinking he might be ready to move to SC B soon. I am a bit wary of that, though, because he is not even 3 yet! I'm supplementing SC A with Kumon books and other things I have laying around plus things F comes up with. She considers M her first homeschool student!

    So that is my 2 SC students catch up.
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    The Homeschool Grads:
    J- 6/96
    S- 11/98

    Still Homeschooling:
    G- 4/04
    D- 5/05
    F- 7/08 (my only girl)

    Future Homeschooler:
    M- 9/16

    Hi, Enigma. Thanks for the updates!

    Your Map Studier will transition back to work and settle into his routine. I love that he made his own schedule with additional assignments.

    Your Language Learner will do well to stay with SC A until age 3. If you have a newer SC A Curriculum Manual, you will find on page 93 a suggested 8-week extension. This allows you to continue teaching without moving to B too early.

    Congratulations on all of the blossoming abilities in both students!


      Hi Enigma,

      I just wanted to say thanks for sharing what your kids are up to, I find it so encouraging to hear where everyone else out there is at. Keep up the good work and I hope the testing is well done and helpful.



      Aussies from Sydney, Australia
      Miriam 9yo Latina Christiana, R&S4, IEW Phonetic Zoo, IEW Grammar
      Jonny 7yo (Special Needs) SC1 Phonics, R&S1
      Elissa (almost) 4yo K phonics, R&S Preschool books

      Together this term (in Circle Time) we are doing Bible time with SC1 Story Bible and our own memorisation/songs, Myself and Others 2, Homer Price, Greek Myths, IEW Poetry Memorisation, speech therapy, The Body Book, Artventure and picture books from SCB/SC1 etc.

      Thomas 17 months