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Quizzes pdf in SC 5/6

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    MP LC Third progression @ two weeks per lesson, only MWF
    Teaching, Recitation, Exercises, Ludere
    - Vocab Drill One, Day 1
    - Vocab Drill Two, Day 2
    - Grammar Drill One, Day 3
    - Vocab Drill Three, Grammar Drill Two, Day 4
    - Quiz Day 5
    - Review Worksheet Day 6

    SC 5&6 Two-Year Progression @ four weeks per lesson, shorter lessons MTWTHF
    Teaching, Recitation, Review, Active Games (no written Ludere in SC 5&6), Exercises spread out further
    - Vocab Drill One, Day 2
    - Vocab Drill Two, Day 4
    - Vocab Drill Three, Day 5
    By the end of the first week they have completed all three Vocab Drills to solidify the words and meanings of the lesson before conjugating or declining those words.
    - Grammar Drill One, Day 7
    - Grammar Drill Two, Day 12
    - Grammar Drill Three, Day 14
    While working on grammar, students review Vocab through the Exercises and flash cards
    - Review Worksheets, Days 15, 16
    - Review the lesson's flashcards Day 18
    - Review cumulative flashcards, Day 19
    - Quiz, Day 20

    Much more occurs, but that gives you a general comparison of the use of written drills in SC vs. in MP.

    You might teach LC as written in SC for a few lessons. See how it goes. If you find alternating between Vocab and Grammar more helpful, feel free to alternate!
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