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Literature Guides - Misc Questions

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    Literature Guides - Misc Questions

    I had some questions about the Literature Guides:

    The Pronounce & Spell: Is this as simple as say, spell and say? Or, is there are more in-depth procedure for this?

    I was thinking of using the flash cards and if there is a concept he doesn't know, then we can discuss it. He is currently in Book 6 of Barton Program which is all the different "rules" for Silent-E. He is very resistant to Reading and all things that take a lot of time which is something we will be pushing this year. I had him sit and read the first Chapter of "Courage of Sarah Noble" and he can do it with less than 5 errors. His biggest errors are mixing up the "little words" (Ex. Instead of Through, he will say "though"). So, I am debating on whether or not to start him there or to truly go back and do the Animal Folk Tales. I am not sure what the solution is. I feel he can read fairly well but it is a bit choppy still which is why I like the Guides because SC has them re-read. I think that would help him and also improve his confidence? I am considering having him read the SC3 History Read Alouds as well? Maybe this is too much. He has "read" many of the "Meet.... books". The issue is that he read them silently to himself and so he didn't actually read them aloud to me. I have no idea if he skipped words or lost any context.

    I am also assuming that at this stage the kids who struggle with writing still copy the sentence given them?

    Thanks for any tips! We start our "mostly-fun" Co-Op tomorrow and I'm trying to get the rest of my stuff organized to start doing the core learning at home.

    Keep in mind...this child has very low tolerance for frustration, "time" is an issue as he "feels" everything takes way too long, he has complete meltdowns still when things get hard or if something is really bothering him. It is a real challenge and I have three other kids to teach plus a new baby coming in 3 weeks...

    The motto this year needs to be "Keep it simple." Not only his own frustration tolerance but also the upcoming demands necessitate something brief & effective. If you have time only for a brief preview, that will suffice. Use the cards if you think they will help and if you have them handy. Otherwise, you might just keep a post-it note or index card available to isolate phonemes in the word. Tuck the item back in the book when you finish. Keep it simple, simple, simple.

    Regarding his <5 reading errors, this is good! Reading "through" as "though" may be less due to phonics than to rushing, visual discrimination, or not paying close attention. Allow him to use his finger or an index card beneath the words as he reads. When he reads "though," for example, you can say, "through" -- then help him be a detective with the clues. "That must be through because of the 'r'. (Point to the 'r.') Not only that, the rabbit scampered 'through' the hole in the fence." Give him context and phonics. Then, "Let's read that sentence again." If you want to enlist his help to read aloud the SC 3 History books, just have him alternate reading pages or chapters with you. If you think that will be too much, you might give him one page (or paragraph) to start the reading. Then you can take over. Have a set plan, so he knows you will not be overloading him on a whim. If in doubt, choose the lighter plan.

    Regarding writing in the guides, we want him to be composing to the greatest extent possible. He should be generating content for that sentence, rather than being given a sentence. You can form the sentence on paper or a mini white board for him to copy with proper capitalization and spelling, but most of the wording should be his. If he is ready, you can provide a word bank from the generated words that are difficult to spell or require capitalization. Then he constructs the sentence. I did this with my children as a transition to having them write independently.

    Three weeks until Baby makes an appearance! These are very exciting times in your household, so keep things simple and teachable for yourself.


      Thanks Cheryl,

      I am really trying to keep that motto in perspective. I had a friend tell me that if all I did was Reading and Math until December, that was FINE. After the Holidays if we are ready we can add in more. I love the idea of a word bank. He can spell many words but at times becomes unsure of himself and then just wants the answer. I try to make sure he has learned the rules necessary and then will walk him through it. His impatience is what will be the challenge. I will have to effectively ignore his complaints, write out the word bank and then just sit there until he does it. He can be a grumpy guy! I want to thank you for answering so many of my questions. I have been really putting on BLINDERS this year and focusing on just choosing and doing. We have no choice but to be more organized this year as we will have to do school at the kitchen table (unless we decide the basement with not daylight is easier, but I'm thinking NOT). So, looking forward to only having those items I need right in front of me. Thanks again!