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Struggling with reading above SC 5/6 level

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    Originally posted by Colomama View Post

    We are using the full set of American history readers from SC3. They are scheduled as optional read-alouds in SC 5/6 with a lot more books added in. This set includes almost all, if not all, of the history readers from grade 3.

    I have that little book. I am going to look through the grade 3 schedule and look at the pacing of those books. Maybe this would be a good idea.

    Thanks for this idea.

    I think reading the books as scheduled in 5/6 would be too fast a pace, but maybe using the selected books from grade 3 would be a better fit pacing-wise.
    I have both guides and they are nearly identical, btw (SC3, third grade - there were a few extra questions.). We can not team read SC3 readers as scheduled either, but the nice thing about them is that every now and then you get a “break” with an easier book. My daughter is also doing the writing book because I did not feel we got the full benefit of the program 2 years ago.

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      I can’t speak to the pacing or intent of the books in SC5/6, but in MP3 the American History readers are there as supplemental free reading for kids who want it or parents looking to assign something extra. They are not intended to be read alouds....there is a separate set for that purpose. They don’t really tie into the rest of third grade and they didn’t exist for my first time through grade 3. The little book was added for discussion after the child read the chapter/book, but wasn’t in the set for my second time through. My now rising 6th grade son had his hands full with MP3 so he didn’t read many of the American History readers that year. My understanding is that you are looking for options for literature since you have run out of currently available literature guides for your son’s reading level. If that is the case, I would pick two or three of the short selections to intersperse with two regular literature guides. Don’t kill yourself trying to read them all. I don’t know if your son likes to draw, but what I have done since learning they don’t write out all the literature guide answers at HLS is to write out one or two of the questions in a composition/sketchbook (or a spiral notebook if the particular child doesn’t want to draw). It looks less intimidating and allows them extra room to write. Mind you, not to write more words, just to write larger letters. The discussion booklet can help out with what a good question would be. My top three choices as literature books would probably be Bears on Hemlock Mountain, Pony Express, and Cabin Faced West. The others are biographies which don’t seem as much like literature to me, but that is more opinion than anything. Neither of my boys have cared for Sarah, Plain and Tall, but my daughter and I liked it and it is a three book series to boot. The Landmark histories are shorter and easier than the Childhood of Famous Americans series. Also, don’t be in a huge rush to finish these because the many of the fourth grade history readers are substantially longer.

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