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Help with Spelling SC2

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    Help with Spelling SC2

    Hi all,

    we've begun our journey into SC2 and it seems to be going OK so far, but my only struggle is with the spelling component.

    1. I cant figure out WHEN to write on the lines provided (there doesnt seem to be a "day" that tells us to do that)
    2. My son cant do oral spelling. Like at ALL. Im struggling to figure out how to implement that, since he seems unable to do it. He can spell 3 letter words, but only writing them down. When i tell him to do it out loud, he cant complete that.


    Hi, Amanda.

    1. Writing on the Lines
    My apologies for #1. We will give clearer instructions in the next printing! For now, here are some tips from three of our SC Spelling 2 homeschooling families:

    - We just wrote them on Tuesday after tracing and on Wednesday if they weren’t in the mood for letter tiles or clay.
    - She LOVED it today when I had her air write and use the movable alphabet. And having her picture the word in her mind—I think this might be a game changer.
    - This is what we do. The first day my son reads and spells the words out to me. The second day he will copy the words in print on his own. Then again he will read and spell the words to me. The third day I write the words in cursive and he traces them.
    And again he will read and spell the words to me. He also reads the sentences to me each day. On the fourth day we do the dictation page. We only do the sounds, words, and sentence. Photos attached.

    2. Spelling Orally
    Keep trying! His difficulties could be due to short-term memory or working memory difficulties that will be helped by oral spelling. Perhaps he is very visual and prefers writing them down. If he prefers writing, use the writing spaces. Adaptation: Initially you can allow him to write the word and spell it orally while looking at the word he wrote. Have him do this 2-3 times, cover the word, and spell from memory.

    I hope something here helps.
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      thanks so much for the advice (and the pics....little kid printing is so cute!!). I liked your suggestions for the adaptation, I think we can definitely do that. Also, even though he hates writing, i'm finding he LOVES writing on a white board such a small request from him.