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Subject/course descriptions

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    Subject/course descriptions

    What would course descriptions for what is covered SC Level 2 history and science look like? I don't have the books or manual yet. Can the topics covered in each be grouped into a theme(s)? If so, what would they be? Needing the info for state requirements.

    SC Level 2 History & Culture

    Broadening Knowledge - This course explores varied topics such as the history of flight, how Groundhog Day came to be, how people of different cultures and languages celebrate Christmas around the world, the real story of Saint Nicholas, and biblical history from Adam to Noah to Christ.

    SC Level 2 Science

    Understanding the World - This course covers topics designed to expand knowledge through the study of planets, seasons, bats, birds, cacti, snow, pumpkins, and processes such as how a house is built.

    Does that help?


      Thank you, Cheryl. These were helpful!