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Help Choosing Simply Classical vs. MP2!

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    Originally posted by jen1134 View Post

    MP Representative
    cherylswope Can you elaborate on why the SC Enrichment doesn't contain the extensive vocabulary and questions of the regular Enrichment levels? Is it an issue of potential overwhelm?
    Yes. Because it is already "enrichment," and because many of the words are rather advanced for our students with intellectual or language difficulties, we chose to leave enrichment as a matter of exposure and delight in our SC Readiness (A, B, C) & Primary Levels (1, 2, 3). Some exceptions occur in core components, such as SC StoryTime Treasures and SC More Storytime Treasures, in which we are teaching phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension side by side.

    Beginning in our Grammar Levels (4, 5, 6), you will see far more similarities in SC to the MP methods you describe.

    Does that make sense?


      Originally posted by Michael View Post

      Good morning,

      I am not an expert in the SC curriculum, but I think I can answer your first question! In SC 3 Enrichment, the general "Before you read," "As you read," and "After you read" questions and prompts are located in the guide's initial Teacher Notes. There are two sets of directions, one for (prose) biographies and another for poetry, and the appropriate set should be applied to each read-aloud. The specific activities assigned in the "Week X" lessons are intended to complement these general directions, and the activities will vary from week to week. For example, we spend two weeks on Pocahontas: Young Peacemaker. The first week we assign retellings on Days 1-4 and a "research project" for Day 5's Delve Deeply. The next week, students are illustrating scenes from the book on Days 1-4 and then, on Day 5, they can compare and contrast the story as told Pocahontas: Young Peacemaker with the famous Disney account.

      I hope the above explanation is helpful. Cheryl Swope has been at a conference for the last few days. Once she returns, she will be able to answer your second question about the intention behind SC3 Enrichment's structure.
      Michael, thank you for your explanation. If I'm understanding correctly, the questions are in a separate area.


        Originally posted by cherylswope View Post

        Thank you, Michael, for the details in your answer!

        hguzman, SC Enrichment provides you with 2-3 questions per chapter. These can be read ahead of the chapter to attune the child's ear while listening or can be saved until after the chapter to prompt discussion. In SC 3 we are bringing students out of SC 2 in which we used visual cues for question words and other comprehension prompts. We continue to emphasize the more concrete questions of Who, What, When, & Where, but we expand to a little more of How and Why in our stories. We do use retelling, as the sample indicates, but this is after pre-reading, reading, and discussing. In addition to the actual read-aloud, the student learns compatible science, art, and music to aid comprehension even further.

        I hope that helps -- please pardon the delay --
        Cheryl, thank you. I went ahead and ordered the SC3 core, enrichment set and read-alouds. I also ordered the Jr. K core and read-aloud for my 4 year old and will use that as supplement for my daughter with the MP1 core if she doesn't want to participate in the American history set. I know that my son will probably want to be included in the preschool read-alouds as well. I'm confident that he will get the best of both programs.