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R&S Math 4

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    R&S Math 4

    I am starting the 4th grade math book with my oldest and I have a couple questions.

    This is the year that students are expected to copy problems from their text and into their notebooks, correct? Do they write in their books at all or should they copy every problem? I bought a bound notebook of medium grid graph paper. I did part of the first lesson yesterday and while he can copy the problems, it is very laborious. I know it will likely get easier, but I'm not sure how much easier?

    I guess I'm wondering what other people have done with 4th and up math and students with special needs? A has severe ADHD, and dyslexia/dysgraphia so this type of thing is challenging, but I can see how it is beneficial.

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    My 12yo took a unique approach to this problem:

    Click image for larger version

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