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Pre-Order Second Edition of Simply Classical

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    Pre-Order Second Edition of Simply Classical

    As we celebrate our six-year anniversary of the first edition, we announce that the second edition of Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child is now available for pre-order.

    Updated, revised, and expanded, the new edition includes ...
    • updated resources
    • more stories of real children
    • specific classroom, co-op, and cottage school strategies
    • additional words of encouragement
    • expanded references for school and home
    Pre-order: Will ship upon arrival Sample The second edition of this revolutionary book guides parents, teachers, and schools in implementing the beauty of a

    I preordered and can’t wait to get it!

    Catholic mom to five
    Ds '01 - College freshman: Thomas Aquinas College
    Ds '03 - 10th grade: MPOA Algebra 2, and a bunch of other stuff
    Ds '06 - 8th: MP Tiner science (chemistry, physics, and astronomy), 8M lit, 8M Exploring Planet Earth, ancient history, OLVS 8 Catechism
    Dd '10 (Down syndrome) - JrK with little brother and BOB books
    Ds '15 - JrK with big sister


      I never could get a copy of the first edition so I am really looking forward to this!
      The Homeschool Grads:
      J- 6/96
      S- 11/98

      Still Homeschooling:
      G- 4/04
      D- 5/05
      F- 7/08 (my only girl)

      Future Homeschooler:
      M- 9/16


        I'm not done with the first edition, so I'm ordering this one for my mom who has been so eager to learn more about her new grandson, how to helpfully interact with our family, and what we are doing to homeschool a child with special needs. I'm sure she'll let me read it when she's done!

        Any estimates as to when it will be released?

        DD16 MP11
        DS16 11th grade SPed charter, MP3
        DS9 MP 3
        DS7 MP Jr K
        DS4 MP Jr K


          Originally posted by MrsRae View Post
          Any estimates as to when it will be released?
          Good afternoon Rae,

          Our current estimate is mid to late summer.

          Memoria Press