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It is “enough”. Yes?

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  • howiecram
    started a topic It is “enough”. Yes?

    It is “enough”. Yes?

    I have been digging through the books I ordered and feeling slightly panicked about getting it all done, and have time for “down time” baking, socializing, physical activity, etc. I wrote out a schedule and there was zero white space! I know that is not feasible or sustainable. One of the biggest reasons we homeschool is to be able to actually spend my husband’s day off, with him, which is variable every week. We do routinely do school on a Saturday, but there are occasions where it is not possible. I prefer to stick to a guide, but it is literally not possible. We never school the same days a week consistently. There are weeks we school 6 days, and others only 4. (Even just “do the next thing”).

    Anyway, upon further review of everything for 3 kids, who really need to be “taught” and not left for independent work, I am feeling overwhelmed!
    (I was considering MP1, MP 2 & MP3A) I am now leaning towards:

    10 year old will do SC 5/6 one year plan with Math 4. She will not do the enrichment. we will do SC3 as a family) 6.5 year old will finish FSR D and E. I will probably delay Storytime + More Storytime Treasures until the following school year. I have plenty of material to teach another semester of phonics, + I plan to do SC writing book 1 and SC spelling. She will do MP1 math. She will do cursive 1

    It is the 8 year old I am waffling on. He is doing fabulous with “regular” More Storytime Treasures. The writing is good, the phonics he is keeping up with well. He could do the second semester of SC3 phonics, orrr, I could not do anything but the SC3 Enrichment with everyone. He would do Core Skills 3 phonics, SC3 spelling, and read the history readers in SC3/5&6 with big sis and me (I have 3 sets of all the books). Additionally he would do the writing book (one week behind the read alouds). He would do SC4 math. This would also allow me to combine spelling with the youngest 2 the following year. I plan to have hm also participate in Greek Myths + Christian Studies. He will continue with cursive.

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  • CherryBlossomMJ
    What you described for your middle is exactly where my middle is now.

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  • howiecram
    My oldest is currently doing PL and will do the two year LC plan. I do plan to have the oldest two do Christian Studies and Greek Myths together. I have teetered with having the middle child (age 8 at the beginning of the school year) do the two year LC, but I think I will be waiting on him. He will be apart of the Latin prayers + hymns, but that will be all.

    We will see where the youngest is at in Jan. I may start her on Storytime Treasures, but I may just wait too. I am really good with seeing how that goes! I am also really good with waiting!

    So, oldest will do Math 4, Lit 3, Intro to Comp, LC (two year plan), cursive, TS ll
    Middle will do SC3 spelling, Core Skills 3, Math from SC4 (basically R&s 2, units 4&5), cursive, SC Writing book 2
    Youngest, finish MPK, SC Writing Book 1, Math 1, Cursive 1

    Combined SC3 Enrichment. This includes a shared read aloud between my oldest, middle and myself (We each have our own book). youngest listens. This is essentially the middle child’s “literature” for the year. SC3 art + music + states & caps.

    Combine oldest two for Greek Myths + Christian Studies

    Religion -our own family Catechesis. Youngest has 1st year of 2 year Communion prep.

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  • MBentley
    Can you combine your kids on LC and Christian Studies? Have they done PL? What about saving one subject for mid-year start and plan to carry it through the summer? I've got a similar load coming (MP3,2, K)

    Our biggest time grabber is literature. I try to get Phonics, Spelling, Math, Copybook, Penmanship, Latin drill boxes all done before our first break (takes about 2 hours...ish) I had to move recitation to every other day because apparently I can't keep track of time when I get onto a new temperatures, directions, and compasses. I get distracted/excited/'s a time killer and it's all my doing.

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  • cherylswope
    Yes, if you choose the latter combination, it will be enough! "Doable" is always better than "frenetic."

    The advantage with your SC 2, 3, 4, 5&6 plan is that you have taught much of this before. In itself this will streamline your day, because you know the materials.

    It seems that for your oldest you would omit from SC 5&6 only the Music Appreciation and Science. With SC 3 Enrichment your oldest will review those music and science selections. This review could be good for her. She will have her own new content through Greek Myths and Christian Studies this year, as will your son.

    I agree that your family needs time to enjoy each other. You need to see that white space in the planner, especially with your husband's varying day off. Good foresight!

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