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SC Level C Read Aloud Package

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    SC Level C Read Aloud Package

    Hi! I'm ordering SC level C for a friend, but I need advice on the Read Aloud Package. My girls are on the regular MP track, and I've never ordered the Read Aloud Packages and we've done just fine. But in the sample lesson plan for SC C, it shows teaching from Green Eggs and Ham, which is in the Read Aloud package, making me think the Read Alouds might be a little more crucial in SC? Can anyone advise? Obviously I'd be happy to save a little $ by not ordering them, but if certain titles are necessary, I'd hate to leave them out! Also, my friend's family is moving overseas in a few months, so weight and space are a consideration. Thanks!

    Your hunch is correct! We use those read-alouds for necessary language development and tie them directly to the alphabet lesson each week.

    You might give her the Read-Aloud Book list from Level C. If she already has some of these, can obtain them inexpensively, or can find them in paperback form, that might conserve some weight and $$.
    Level A Book,Author,ISBN,Publisher Prayers for Children,-,9780307021069,Random House Jesus Is With Me,Joni Walker,9780758606280,Concordia Jesus Hears Me,Joni Walker,9780758615084,Concordia Jesus Knows Me,Joni Walker,9780758605078,Concordia Big Red Barn,Margaret Wise Brown,9780694006243,Harper Co...


      Yes, they are so important, and it's very frustrating to have to try and hunt them down from a library or get them delivered in time when you need them. The biggest savings in time, gas and frustration came when we decided to prebuy all of the read alouds and supplemental science and history books. We will resell them when we're done cycling all the kids through the grades.
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