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    I understand exactly how you are feeling! We just moved from NC away from all our family to VA. We lived for about a month and a half in a hotel. We had to manage selling and buying a home while living in the hotel. Then we moved into our house April 1. We really just got into a decent routine last week.

    I pretty much shut down while living in the hotel. It was so hard. I rationally knew this move was a good idea, but I just didn't want to deal with it. Like the straw that broke the camel's back.

    You are human. What you are going through is hard. HARD. There is only so much you can handle at one time.

    Looking for professionals is a very good idea. We've just started that here.

    For all the to-do's -- I recommend doing a brain dump -- just write down all the things that you think you need to do or consider. I like to do brain dumps in sections -- like home, school, financial, etc. Write everything down. Having so much stuff swirling around in your brain is exhausting and overwhelming. Then go through your list, try to categorize tasks as much as you can, then pick out the most important tasks. Only pick a few. Do them. Then pick a few more.

    Honestly I try to do the same with parenting and schooling. There are so many changes I want to make and I am such a project person. I want to come up with a complete overhaul and execute it perfectly. That always fails. So I try to think of what the one thing I could do in whatever area that would make the biggest impact. For schooling - maybe that is having your 11 year old read aloud a tiny bit every day until the habit is built and it becomes less of a big deal. Even one paragraph for every day for a week. Maybe its choosing to have your 11 year old correct the first two math mistakes and leave off marking any more wrong. As far as emotional outbursts go, for my kids, remaining matter of fact, acknowledging that they are upset (sad, angry, etc), giving them x amount of time to calm down (asking if they need a 2 minute break, a drink of water, etc), and but still requiring them to do whatever it is that caused the outburst (so hard to follow through, but so necessary -- also why it is helpful to start very small). I've found that over time, the outbursts decrease in both severity and quantity as long as I am consistent with my approach to them.

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