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SC C vs PreK

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    SC C vs PreK

    Looking at the Simply Classical level C vs the Pre-k, would level C be an acceptable alternative to the 2 day pre-k option?
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    My understanding is that SC C is the last 2/3 of Jr. K, perhaps with a few K concepts introduced (like FSR A). I think it'd make a great preK for a 5yo boy. We're starting it with our 5yo late this summer.
    Mama to 2, Married 18 years

    DS 6-MPK with SC1 Phonics & Math
    Fall 2020


      Good morning!

      The "Wahm" in your name is "work at home mom," correct? With 3 in MP Cores and working from home, 2 days of MP JrK may be plenty for your youngest. If he has no special learning needs, MP JrK will be perfect. Two days each week he will receive the preparation he needs with fabulous read-alouds to delight and nurture imagination so he can run about the remaining days in play, benefiting from his siblings and friends, and being outside.

      Usually we advise that if a child has no specific learning needs, such as speech and language delays or disorders; no high risk factors for specific learning disabilities, such as a complicated birth, serious illness, hearing problems, or family history of learning disabilities; and no behavioral needs, such as neurobiological disorders including autism, proceed with the MP Classical Core. The "curricular cohesion" is stellar in the MP Classical Core, so we recommend teaching as written whenever possible.

      If he has special learning needs, however, then SC C will be helpful because we structure more days per week, pre-teach FSR A by the end of the school year, and provide extensive explicit instruction in phonological awareness (pre-reading), fine-motor skills (pre-writing), and number sense (pre-arithmetic). In SC C we prepare for learning to read in SC 1 with more 3-D teaching techniques for students predisposed to intellectual, neurological, or specific learning disorders.

      In some cases people may choose SC C over JrK, but the time commitment is greater. Your call there --

      Does that help?
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        I absolutely adore SC-C. That being said, I ended up with Jr. K for my third child, for all the reasons Cheryl suggests above. My son, who did SC-C needed the consistency of the 4 days + he was a 5 year old Sep Birthday. My daughter was not 5 until Feb and that was a big difference. Even though SC- c is slightly more advanced than Jr. K (intentional since the curriculum may be used by older children) and my daughter is the most neurotypical (and probably more advanced) of my 3, Jr k was a much better fit. Also, with two others homeschooling, two days worked better for the schedule. She had no trouble “jumping” into 4 days this year with MPK (which is scheduled 5 days, but we are making it work in 4 days).

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