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Counting with Numbers ? SCB

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    Counting with Numbers ? SCB

    I have a quick question...when we are going through this in level B, is it for exposure? Not mastery, correct? I have to do complete hand over hand for my guy for writing, but for some of the workbook he is starting to have an idea of what to do...he can solidly identify numbers 1-5, he can count orally to 10 and we’re getting there on identifying numerals 6-10. So in the boxes where he counts and circles the right number, he can do on his own if less than 6, but needs help with 6-10 (counting each object one by one and finding the numeral). Anything that he has to write, he needs help. I’m guessing this is ok, since levels A-C are still readiness; I just need the reassurance that it’s ok!
    Emily J

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    Yes, through that little workbook we are working on following directions, staying on task, and budding fine-motor skills. Your approach is perfectly wonderful.


      My little guy still really struggles with and whines while doing this workbook. I have thought about ordering a second numbers coloring book, but I think the skill will come in a bit more time. I still have to force my son to slowly move from one object to the next to count any set of objects. I agree that the supports we give will gradually fade away as we keep promoting for left-to-right, top-to-bottom counting each time, correcting any skipped numbers. My son has a visual impairment on top of developmental delay, so all of our work is shoulder to shoulder and done with supports. By the way, if you have carpeting, some kids love to draw in it. You can even get scraps for a few dollars from Home Depot. It's a fun way to practice writing numbers and letters with your finger. Once they know the shape (mine doesn't), it's easier.
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