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Confused again about school

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    Confused again about school

    I am starting to wonder if God is trying to keep me from sending Clara to public school. Since I agreed to send her I have developed a weird condition where I shake constantly. It is so bad I have trouble cooking dinner. I also keep bursting out into tears all of the time. Then, Clara actually agreed to do math and agreed that for writing she would write letters to her penpal and her grandparents every day. She already reads really well (thank you, Cheryl!), and continues to read books and seems to comprehend them. Then come the weird signs. Before enrolling her I wanted to meet with the principal to discuss her learning disabilities. The principal was out for a medical problem all week starting the day I called to set up a time to meet. The assistant principal wanted me to meet with him and called me the Friday before the school's week-long winter break, but his message was strangely not delivered by my phone until after the school closed for the winter break. So today was the day that we had planned for her to start, but we knew that it would have to wait at least a day because I had to get her enrolled. I have been calling the school all day and no one answers. So I look at the school website to discover that the school is CLOSED today for a snow day. We live in the mountains and the schools NEVER close for snow days because 12 to 20 inches of snow is a really normal occurrence. Some friends and I were just talking about how we can count the number of days this has happened in the last 10 years (maybe more) on one hand. This is probably all just wishful thinking. Enjoy your kids that you get to keep with you.
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    What a roller coaster for you, Jeje.

    Did you know that when my son was your daughter's age I went through something similar? We Googled special schools and even took the entrance exams for the neighboring school. It was such a confusing time trying to decide what to do!

    Clearly you want her to do well no matter where she is educated. We will continue praying for your entire family, but especially for your Clara and for you. Take care of yourself.

    This is so touching --
    Enjoy your kids that you get to keep with you.


      I never wanted to homeschool. I can only say I was led by the Holy Spirit. Four years ago, (1.5 years into “homeschooling) I decided we needed to send my oldest to school. My husband agreed. We did all the procedures, paid a month tuition. We arranged a meeting with my daughter’s teacher to discuss keeping her safe (she has a severe peanut allergy). I was feeling conflicted and held off on purchasing uniforms. A moment before the meeting, I felt led to visit the Blessed Sacrament. I sat there and asked “is this the right choice? Is this what you want from us? “. We had the meeting. I brought an expired epi-pen, and an orange and asked the teacher if she had ever practice. (The Principal was also present). She said, no she had not! However, the Principal reminder her she had, in fact has training! (Not feeling easy about this at this point). While we were chatting my daughter was playing with the toys in the classroom. The room has never been peanut free, but I did not think about it at the time. We came home, had dinner and I noticed hives on my daughter! In retrospect, I think it happened because she had not washed her hands after playing with the toys. We could have probably had a hand washing system set up, but she was already terribly anxious and I felt it was too much to ask of a 6 year old. We decided these were signs enough that the decision to send her to schools was our will, but not HIs.

      You may, in fact, be receiving signs! God Bless you in this difficult decision!

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        Praying for you and your decision. I went through an incredibly lengthy process of registering my son for a special needs self contained program 2 years ago. I even told the Lord that I would consider it his will if he got me into the school of my choice-the best and closest. When the letter came in the mail, my heart sank because I got exactly what I wanted. I made the appointment to meet with them, interviewed and discussed my son for 2.5 hours, and in the end I walked away resolute that there had to be another way. I did NOT want to keep my son at home. I needed a break. I felt I owed my eldest a calm, quiet, drama-free education. We did private school for a year, and it wound up a really poor fit, although he was lovingly cared for. It just became a lost year. But I needed it. My heart wasn't ready, and indeed the Lord was softening it for this year-and hardest and most humbling year yet. The sporadic rewards definitely usher me through the lows. What we need is support. I can already see how much support I will need in the coming years. This is hard and lonely, right? Who understands that plight of the special needs mom? Other special needs moms. And most are so busy that it's hard to pin them down for a good chat. I pray the Lord sends you a prayer partner no matter what you choose. There are wonderful, encouraging truths in God's word. Bury yourself in it, not just as a study, but as manna for a weary soul.
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          Originally posted by enbateau View Post
          Who understands that plight of the special needs mom? Other special needs moms.

          I can feel that sentence run all over me. No matter how the rest of the world talks, this can often feel a little like isolation. We talk about "Programs", "Services", or some other special niche that supposedly helps our kiddos, when in reality, we probably would just love an old fashioned cup of coffee with someone to talk to about our funny moments, our challenges, upcoming choices...basically back in the days when we had someone to bounce ideas off of. Often, sadly, our spouses can only do so much because...well...that would be like them bringing us into their work day and expecting us to speak intelligently to it. My husband is in Oil and Gas...and the poor man can only take so much of me talking about curriculum. He does try, but God's honest truth, it's more for my benefit than to really add a lot to the conversation. He trusts me to handle it and doesn't micromanage it or interfere if I so something like throw out a curriculum mid-year (not MP...this was before MP). Of course, at his job, he has literally hundreds (even thousands) in which he has a direct line of communication to meet with, discuss, brainstorm, email, text, lunch with, rinse, lather, repeat. Who do we homeschool moms of an even smaller niche (special needs) have? A handful of people on a forum. That may be about it. Even if we have outside therapists, they cannot walk in these shoes, unless they are in the same boat themselves. We often don't even have family members, mothers, sisters, or in-laws to fill this roll because, while they may be supportive, they may not be homeschooling, or they may not have a special needs kiddo either. Past a sympathetic ear and some encouragement, we are still left to figure most of it out on our lonesome. It leads to a lot of second guessing.

          In all things. remember we were given very specific instructions for how to ask for help. Go to your room. Shut the door. And pray to your Father who knows what you need before you even ask it. He really does hear our pleas for help...and I would do that. With your own voice, ask God for help. Talk to him about what you need. He loves Clara dearly, but he really wants to talk to you Clara is on her own journey and you, out of all women who ever lived or will live, were chosen, on purpose, to be her Mama. God knew what he was doing. You are two of his favorite people. He's not going to make you shoulder this alone...although..we Mama's do try to sometimes, just out of habit.

          Whatever path you choose, this isn't a Robert Frost poem of two roads diverging. Nothing is set in stone. If you start down one route, realize it's not going in the right direction, just retrace your steps and go another way. Being a homeschool parent makes us uniquely comfortable with that process because we tend to evaluate, re-evaluate, and re-re-re-re-evaluate every single year (some of us twice a year) our educational choices. My heart goes out to other parents with kids in the public school system who don't have such options. For them to change courses, they may have to move, quit a job, or do something drastic.

          One thing I think we can all read is that Clara is one loved little girl. I have faith that you will find peace, even if there isn't much rest, in a path forward.

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            Its so confusing and TIRING to make the best decision!!! I'm holding your family, you and Clara in my prayers.

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              definitely praying for you all JeJe.
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