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Latin & Spelling Mistakes

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    Latin & Spelling Mistakes

    My daughter just took the LC Lesson 5 quiz. She knew all but 3 of the answers. She spelled every single word wrong. ??‍♀️ Do we review, practice writing the vocabulary and case functions and retake the quiz? Do we move on to studying for test 1? Do I remediate Latin spelling skills or general spelling skills?

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    The good news is that she knew nearly all of the answers!

    You can handle this several ways:
    1) Drill Forms
    Be sure she is using the triple-writing of words & forms via the reproducible template. If she has not yet made this a habit, you can begin now. This will help, although even with this aid our students with specific learning disabilities will need for these to be checked for spelling errors. (Otherwise they may copy the word three times, but copy three times incorrectly.)

    2) Focus on Phonemes & Morphemes
    Continue working on the orthographic/phonological aspects of the Latin words, just as you do with her English words. For example, with "porto", you might dictate /p/, then /or/ then /t/, then long /o/, as she writes each on the board. Do this as you teach the new vocabulary. She has demonstrated in this first quiz the need for this level of support.

    3) Adapt
    When you know she will spell a word (or multiple words) incorrectly, take advantage of your tutorial setting.
    a) Allow her to answer orally. She reads #1, provides the answer herself by saying the answer.
    b) You write the correct spelling of the word on the board.
    c) She copies the answer onto her quiz.

    4) Use the Flash Cards
    Emphasize spelling with your flash cards. When you use your flash cards, say "I carry," and she must not only say "porto" but spell it.
    a) If she misses it, show her the whole word/
    b) Have her spell the word while looking at it.
    c) Then remove the word and have her spell without the visual cue.
    d) If she misses any part of it, show her that part. Have her spell the word again while looking at the word, and then set it aside.

    5) Any or all of the above.

    It IS impressive that she scored so highly on the quiz!


      Another quick thought:

      You might consider the SC 5&6 One-Year plans for teaching the first half of LC. She would have an assortment of games that may help with familiarizing herself with the spelling of the Latin words.


        Those are awesome ideas! We've had to do a little practice on Latin phonetics here, too. Some kids do really well with orally spelling the words. I like Andrew Pudewa's take on how spelling used to all be verbal. If she can spell it verbally to you while you write it and she copies, that's one more layer removed from the supports that might set her up for success. Periodically I'll drill Latin vowel sounds, dipthongs and consonant sounds (like in Traditional Spelling 2, you dictate "/nyuh/ as in regnum and pugno"). We find the Spelling Baseball game to be good for this.
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          I'm going to use these for my daughter in MP2/Prima Latina -- trying to spell the constellations did her in
          Blog: [url][/url]

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            You’re awesome! Thank you for the encouragement (I needed it today) and the ideas. I’m going to print them off and add them in as we prep for the test. We started the 5/6 two year plans in January. You mentioned the games in one year plans. Are they in the two year plans as well?

            Thank you!

            For 2021-22
            dd- 6th
            ds- 3rd
            dd- 1st
            ds- adding smiles and distractions


              Oh, yes. Even more games & review in Two-Year, simply because we have more time for them!