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    Public School

    I have not written for awhile. I still love this board and the advice offered. I am putting Clara in public school at the start of March. Her therapist has recommended it, and at this point I am not able to give her any education. Today she got so mad about school that she went into her room and slammed the door so hard it went off a hinge. She was trapped in the room. I literally had to kick the door with all of my power to break it open so that she would not be trapped. At first she had been quite upset, but then she started to think it was funny when I had to call people about how to break open a door,. It was never funny, I have been pushed past my limit. I believe that God gave me one normal but argumentative and bright child, and one that I cannot help. I am sorry to have failed you all. At least Cheryl’s program eventually taught her to read.
    JeJe Greer
    Mom to:
    Stella 9th grade with half MP and half Schole Academy classes
    Clara (Combination of SC 5/6 and 4th New User)

    You have not failed, if you feel the need to put her in school. Also, do not forget that just because you decide this and she goes now, that you can never homeschool her again. We all have to make decisions for our individual children. I hope you can find peace in your decision!

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      JeJe, I'm so sorry. I remember they suggested this last year too, but you wanted to try one more year.

      I have heard some families say that a spring entrance into school can be easier than fall, because there this allows time to adjust and meet classmates before summer. I do not know if this is true, but I do know I always said that if someone could get more from my children than I could, I would gladly place them elsewhere. Homeschooling is not the only choice a good parent can make; rather, we try to make the best choice we can make at the time. If this is best for all, even if only for a time, then so be it.

      No matter what you decide, we're here for you and we hope the best for you, your husband, and both of your girls.


        Hi JeJe,

        Try not to despair, or talk about failing. Just think what you would say to a friend in the same situation.

        We put our son with special needs in public school for 1 1/2 years. I got a much-needed break to care for my other, younger children, and some very kind special ed teachers made a lot of progress with him. The best thing that came out of those years was that he learned what “doing school” meant. They taught him that “school” means sit at a desk and do seat work. He came back home after 3 semesters ready to learn what I wanted to teach him. Not saying you are planning to return to homeschooling, but neither was I.

        I hope this is a positive move for all of you.

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        DS15, 9th
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        DD6, 1st
        DS & DS born August 26!


          Thank you for the kind words. I still feel like I am failing Clara, but at this point she absolutely refuses to do any schoolwork other than math, and even that is a struggle. I really hope that the school teaches her to sit at a desk and work. If she can learn that then her father will let her come back to homeschooling. He has never been in favor of homeschooling, but at this point he has absolutely put his foot down that she will go to public school so that at least maybe some knowledge comes to her by osmosis.
          JeJe Greer
          Mom to:
          Stella 9th grade with half MP and half Schole Academy classes
          Clara (Combination of SC 5/6 and 4th New User)