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High School Latin credit

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    High School Latin credit

    Do you think the Forms series is worthy of high school credit? I'm doubting we'll ever make it to Henle, so would First Form, etc be appropriate for high school? Maybe half credits?

    I'm finding that a lot of people judge credits on the seat-time required to complete a course. This gets wonky with our special learners.

    Just curious.
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      This has come up quite a few times in the high school board even for NT kids. There are a lot of conflicting opinions. Some say it shouldn’t count as a high school credit because 4th and 5th graders take First Form. Others say it shouldn’t count because each level is only 1/4th of the Latin grammar and therefore not what colleges interpret a Latin I or Latin II course to entail (but that’s why colleges require booklists from homeschoolers anyway!). Other say it totally counts because of the work required; working on something 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week gets you 180 hours for the course no problem.

      For their part, MP has said that each level of the Forms do indeed count as one high school credit. I’m going with the experts

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        Thanks, Jen! I agree! I'll go with the professional opinion, especially since they're also the publisher of the Forms.


          My novel approach to this (since I briefly taught a French class during my student teaching) is that most foreign language classes don't require 100% mastery. What I mean is that the final exam, even is not to list every single vocabulary word and require either a conjugation or a translation. Usually students are tested on about 1/4 of the vocabulary/grammar they've been exposed to. If the "Forms" teach 1/4 of the number of words as seen in a HS Latin 1 class, but each of those words is on the final exam, then the final exam is testing approximately the same number of words. I haven't seen the final exam of FFL, but with the mastery requirement and final exam of LC, I can totally see WHY MP has full confidence in calling it a HS-level class. Shoot. I'd be tempted to list it as a dual partial credit for Language Arts.
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