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Using Simply Classical during a sabbatical?

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    Using Simply Classical during a sabbatical?

    Hello again! We're halfway through first grade with my son, and he is doing fairly well with some accommodations made for his visual processing and processing speed issues. He still cannot read the readers that the rest of the class uses, but he is making progress with math facts, phonograms, other memory work, etc... and seems to enjoy his classroom experience overall. In our estimation, it's worth pressing on at this point to keep him in school with his siblings and part of the classical school community. Having said that, our family will be spending the fall semester in Europe on sabbatical, so it will fall to me to homeschool my four children during that time. I am wondering about the possibility of using SC-2 to supplement the first semester of second grade. I realize the pace and material may vary somewhat from what his class will be doing, but I have a good deal of freedom for this summer and the fall semester, and I'm wondering about giving SC a shot during that time. One question I have: my son's teacher next year said the most important thing for me to keep up with while we're away is learning the phonogram cards that the school uses (Johnny-Can-Spell cards). Would the SC phonics curriculum complement that, or would it be confusing to combine the two? Could someone who has had experience with SC-2 advise? I've admired the curriculum from afar, but have never examined it in person. Any thoughts on whether using SC for the summer and first semester would be helpful or not when planning to re-integrate into the school in January of 2nd grade?

    I did a quick Google search of those phonograms flashcards. They seem pretty traditional, no diacritical markings or pictures, just the phonetic target.

    I would ask for a specific list of the phonograms that are covered this year and which would be covered fall semester next year in this school.

    Take that list and compare it to:
    MP K covers short vowell sounds through the First Start Reading Program books A-D and supplements that with the book Fun in the Sun. FSR D covers all long vowells, sh, th, ch, wh, and s/l/r blends.

    SC level 1 covers First Start Reading books A-D and supplements with Fun in the Sun, Soft and White, Scamp and Tramp, and three sets of Primary Phonics Readers.

    MP 1 moves into reading Storytime Treasures and More Storytime, and First Start Reading E; which covers long vowel sounds: ai, ay, ea, ee, ie, igh, or, oa, ue, ui, and soft c, soft g, and three sounds of y.

    SC2 covers a review of level 1 with the readers Moose Moments Silent E, short vowells, and consonant digraphs. It also covers the first workbook of the Storytime Treasures set

    MP 2 assumes mastery of phonics and moves into reading.

    SC3 covers First Start Reading E (all the different spellings of long vowel sounds).

    So, if you're looking to cover first semester of second grade I would lean towards SC3, not SC2. If you're trying to shore up a slow reader, I would work through portions of SC2 over the summer with the goal of SC3 in the fall.

    Does that help?
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