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Intro to Composition for the win!

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    Intro to Composition for the win!

    So, we're a year ahead of the SC curriculum in reading. We're doing SC 4, but using grade 3 literature with Intro to Composition for writing.

    My son hates this book. Like, hides it kind of hate. But, mean old mom that I am, I keep plugging away at it.

    Well, we're on Lesson 17 of Intro to Comp (and honestly we've only done 8 of the know....missing book and all). Today, I asked him to read the assigned section of text to himself while I worked with another kid. Afterwards, we answered the three questions together and I wrote the answers. He then grabbed the book as if to put it away (aka hide it). I stopped him and said we still needed to write the summary paragraph. He tantrumed, tried to break the mechanical pencil, etc. He never left the table, though. He then insisted he could do it himself. I could hear Pudewa in my head, "You can never help a child too much. They'll tell you when they can do it". I slowly backed away and let him do it.

    This is what I got. I was floored. Aside from two (TWO!! ) spelling errors that needed correction and starting a sentence with a capital, it was perfect. Perfect folks. He added a few details to the outline and made it his own.

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    Bravo to him! Well done.
    Festina lentē,
    Jessica P

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      Hooray! I do not think I've seen a writing sample from him since SC Writing Book One.

      Tremendous growth. Good work!


        That is awesome Michelle! So exciting.

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          Love it! If my Guy brought this home I’d cry. Amazing. Well done!
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