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Math questions

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    Math questions

    Right now I am finishing up week 10 of SC3 with my 10 and 11 year old boys. We are working at our own SC pace in Math. My older, N, is in R&S 2, Unit 3, and is doing well. He said he feels like a big boy when working with place value to the thousands! I am following the SC plans.

    A has two more lessons to finish R&S 1, doing that my way of teaching the lesson thoroughly and then having him do the worksheets. We should finish the book in a week or so. I have the second grade set for him, but I am planning to review math facts, etc. and start it after Christmas break. Between the little school he went to year before last and the last year and a half with me, he will have done all of the book. At the school, he went quickly through almost all the book, then I went back to go carefully through it all. He understands all the concepts and knows a lot of math facts, but he is not nearly as solid in knowing them as I would like. He was also taught to count at school when adding, so he still counts up when he doesn't know an answer.

    I feel like it's time to move on, but I need some suggestions. Both boys have FAS, so are developmentally about half their actual age. So my 10 year old is very smart in vocabulary and verbal abilities and is reading pretty fluently, but Math is so hard, and his maturity and attention span is more like a 5 year old. What would you recommend? Thanks!

    Re: Math questions

    Hi, Lillian.

    To recap -

    11yo N is doing well in his current math placement, correct? This sounds good for him.

    10yo A (FAS) is stronger in verbal, lower in both math and attention. As we know, both weaknesses are common in children with FAS.

    So your question is about 10yo A, correct? You have reviewed R&S 1 (good call) from the somewhat spotty coverage of last year. You are ready to teach R&S 2 at the first of the year, but you are wondering how to proceed.

    My suggestion would be to make sure you have the SC 3 lesson plans for R&S 2 AND the SC 3 Arithmetic Read-Aloud Set. I would also read to him from the SC 2 Arithmetic Read-Aloud Set. You can order both of these sets or just use the book lists & find them from the library. In December you can read from the SC 2 Arithmetic Read-Aloud Set to review concepts in a manner (reading/verbal) that is his strength. I would also use the SC 2 plans for R&S 1 to review all of the math facts. If he is not able to attend well to flash cards, just use the SC 1 or 2 Arithmetic games he enjoys. Be sure to include a good review of money and time, as these may be difficult for him as he advances. You can use the Demo Clock. If you do not have all of these things, I would order them. As you can tell already, math will be a difficult area for him. So it was with my daughter. She took "like a duck to water" to literary things in her later years but continued to need very remedial, persistent review of the basics in arithmetic. This saves her much embarrassment now, however, in situations where she wants to purchase something, tell time on an analog clock (our library for sign-ins), and other practical places. Do not worry about going over & over the concepts & math facts. He needs small bites, repetition, and varied ways of reviewing. Play to his strengths with those read-alouds. Include the card games, Dominoes, and any simple counting games he enjoys, as indicated in the SC plans.

    Call it "A Month of Strengthening Our Math Muscles," or something like that. Make a chart of days he can X as he goes. Even 15-20 minutes of daily math practice away from the book will help him when he begins in January.

    Does that help?
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