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    Ot: Nova

    Hello! I have been off the internet for a while now, feeling the need to hunker down in place.

    We have been plugging along with Barton, R&S math, handwriting, and some of the SC 3 writing, Bible, and enrichment. I hope to really dig in in the new year. I love, love, love the SC 3 materials and can't wait to really get into a groove with them. We had a super busy fall semester -- I taught 2 co-op classes at our weekly co-op (fun, but a huge time and energy suck), my youngest went through ADHD evals, and my daughter was diagnosed with absence seizures.

    But the biggest thing is that my husband has been super stressed with work -- he's been leaving early, coming home late, and even when he comes home on time he is just completely spent. He eats horribly and has gained a good 20-30 lb. There was no potential for improvement locally so he has been applying for a few jobs up in DC and he has gotten a new job! I'm really hoping that a low stress job, even if it will have a bit of a long commute (he can take the train, which he really liked when we lived in MD), will help us have more quality family life. The past six months have really felt like we were always just trying to get by to the next thing. Never really living and enjoying the moment.

    So I know there are some Northern Virginia people on the boards here. I'd love to connect! It looks like there is a cottage school in Manassas - St. Nicholas Cottage School? And there used to be one in Fredericksburg, right? I'm a mixture of excitement and dread at all the work that goes into moving -- especially getting new doctors and therapists.

    I had some abdominal surgery last week, so we're having a very low key holiday while I recover. I plan to start school again the 2nd week of January and be as consistent as possible. It looks like we'll move around the 1st week of March. We'll spend up to 60 days in temp housing -- probably two suites at the Residence in, unless I can find a house that takes both cats and dogs. The job packs us and all that so moving is relatively simple, except for the time it will take us to get ready to sell our house.

    Anyways, just wanted to pop in and say hello and wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

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    Wow. So much movement and transition. A surgery any time is stressful, recovering over a holiday is even more so. Thank goodness the new job packs and moves, whew! But then all of the worry of selling and getting re-situated and established starts.

    I'm glad to hear your optimistic tone. You're excited about the possibility of a less stressful job for your hubs and better family time. You're excited to start fresh in the new year.

    Prayers for your recovery and family's transition. Thanks for checking back in, you were missed.
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      Merry Christmas to you, too! Good to hear from you. Prayer for a good, restful recovery from surgery and a smooth, enjoyable transition to your new home.

      From my daughter to all:

      Merry Christmas

      He in a humble manger lay
      On that holy night;
      Stars shining, oh so bright
      Angelic song, oh so right.

      High above in the heavens
      The holy anthems sound.
      What Christmas is and Christmas was:
      Christ's love to all mankind.

      So little of the truth we know
      While Christmas comes and goes
      ​​​Of Santa's elves and whatever else, but
      This as truth: goodwill of God alone.

      Peace be with you --


        I already shared this with sfhargett, but in case anyone else is in the NOVA area:

        Some of my college classmates are special needs moms and one of them told me about a support group in Manassas. The Special Blessings group meets one evening a month at All Saints and they also have an online Yahoo group. More details and contact info are available here:
        Blog: [url][/url]

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          Hi Susan,

          I am never on this board, but I am trying to get the hang of this new forum format. Your post jumped out at me since I live in NOVA.

          The Manassas group meets in a small Orthodox church. I met the lady who organized it. I believe it's about 4-5 families.

          The Fredericksburg group was run by our beloved Sarah (KF2000), but is no longer. Sarah moved about 18 months ago, so the group closed.

          The NOVA area has many, many resources, but not one central source of information. Feel free to PM me. Maybe I can direct you a bit. I warn you that I have lived here for only 2.5 years and that I am an introvert... er, MP user who mostly stays home for "homeschool".

          Welcome "back" and good luck with the transition!

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          All homeschooled.

          Me: retired after 16 years of continuous homeschooling. Ahhh....