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Slight Problem with Math and G

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    Slight Problem with Math and G

    I am having a slight problem with G-- he will not copy math problems out or read the lessons/listen to me teach. We started with BJU Math 7 (disaster in more ways than one), then Saxon 76 (fine content wise); both with me copying out the problems. This was not a long term solution so I gave him a couple placement tests for Horizons and CLE Math. He placed in 4th!!! in both of these! So being the good Mommy I am, I bought him Horizons 4 even though I hate these books. I hate the layout, hate the busy pages, hate the "teacher's guide" (and I do use that term loosely), hate the answer key, hate the lack of explanations, etc.. I cannot check his work; the books make me want to hurl just trying to look at the pages, but he won't check his work, either! I did pull the 5 tests he has done and I am NOT impressed with his scores at all. He, of course, LOVES it because he doesn't have to copy the problems, do any corrections, or you know, THINK. ARGG!!!

    I need some advice here on what to do cause I am chucking that book, people. Should I suck it up and write out the Saxon problems? I have the book because D is using it. Try CLE 400?
    [For the record, I am a big Luddite when it comes to DVD/computer-based math. He would not watch videos anyway.]
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    Re: Slight Problem with Math and G

    R&S at the suitable level, but allow him to write in the text? We did this. He can keep a separate notebook (or graph-paper book) to show work whenever needed.


      Re: Slight Problem with Math and G

      Horizons, eek! This was the very first math program we used. It was all fun and colorful. Yay! I thought I just had a "late bloomer" learner. We did the first semester of kindergarten and I'm not sure who cried more, my son or I. I questioned whether I had made the right decision to homeschool. Ah, the good old memories of Horizon math. I have no idea what happened to the teacher guide or second semester workbook, it's entirely possible I burned them in the fireplace while I sipped some wine.

      I have also tried CLE. It has far less crowded pages. It's mastery based (horizons is spiral). But, my son totally balked when lessons started stretching to 3 and 4 pages. The number of problems on each page wasn't overwhelming. Even the total number of problems in a lesson was manageable. He just felt abused with the number of pages, period. CLE is still my number 2 pick behind Rod and Staff for mastery based learning.

      I would try Cheryls idea of writing in the R&S book. Another mom photocopied each page so that it fit a 8*11 paper, giving her son more room to work problems. Might try that? There's another recent thread about the need for students to show their work. Short answer, it trains students to follow directions at an early age and allows for the teacher to catch missed steps. These little steps now help when problems become more complex later on. This might be a spot to be a stickler on now, but choose your battles lines carefully.
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