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Getting bogged down with long division

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    Getting bogged down with long division

    My current 6th grader has struggled with multi digit multiplication and long division since 4th grade. (He might also have some degree of dysgraphia)

    We’ve conquered the multiplication issue using an alternative method (the area model) but long division continues to frustrate him. He simply cannot remember all the steps of the algorithm and alternate methods have not worked.

    He is very gifted in other areas of math so this is really confusing me! On the Stanford, his mathematical concepts score was around 10th grade equivalency but his computation was around 4th grade. I’ve tried so many different things and am wondering if anyone else might have ideas to teach this particular concept.
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    Re: Getting bogged down with long division

    My son and daughter, both with low working memory, found long division difficult, so we created a chant:

    Bring down

    We recited this again and again, especially before a long division page. Eventually I (or they) wrote on a card to keep nearby:


    If it does not add to the confusion, some use Dad/Mother/Sister/Brother, but in our home my children would have remembered only those instead!