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Advice on IEP Services

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    Advice on IEP Services

    Looking for some insight in whether accepting IEP services that my daughter is entitled to makes sense or not now when we're homeschooling. I'm thinking that Speech would be good to continue there, but the academic portion (Math, ELA) would be very hard to apply logistically right? She loves her Special Ed teacher, so I would have like to see them work together and hour a week. But I'm also thinking that it might not the a good idea to mix the two "worlds". What are peoples experience in this area?


    Re: Advice on IEP Services

    We did speech and psych through an IEP last year.

    The biggest challenge was scheduling. The SPED was so used to pulling kids out of class whenever, that we continuously had schedule conflicts. We would go in for my son's appointment time and the SPED would be in another IEP meeting or intervention or she wasn't in school that day, etc. Add in sports rallies, class pictures, field trips and the school schedule would be out of whack more times than I could count.

    I would imagine math and ELA would require daily classroom attendance, not just work with the SPED teacher. That's what would've happened here. I was unwilling to do that.

    The challenges last year pushed me to cancel all services this year. It just isn't worth the headache for us.

    Hopefully things work better for you. My advice would be to narrow down schedule times. My son had a standing Wednesday appointment at 2, but that didn't always pan out. And ask for post appointment follow-up (ie, today we worked on this skill. This is how to work on it at home, etc).
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      Re: Advice on IEP Services

      Hi Malin,

      I'm out in CA and don't know if everything works the same, but my 16yr old (w/ IEP) attends a charter school while my PK 4 yr old (w/ IEP) is at home. My 16 yr old has speech services, Special Ed for ELA and Math, individual tutor time, and behavioral health services through his IEP. He also has an out of school counselor that he sees every other week. Last year we ended up going in to the school two different days for his services, and my PK boy had speech on one of those days. This year I am acting on my family's need to have a more home-based, peaceful schedule. I homeschool 5 kids, 4 from traumatic beginnings and peace and structure are a must! So this year my 16 and PK boys have services on Thurs. only. The school couldn't accommodate his behavioral health counselling on that day, so we dropped it. Even though he qualifies for daily special ed. for ELA and Math, we find that one-on-one time homeschooling and one hour/week with his SPed teacher are producing better results than public high school group special ed classes on a daily basis. His behavior has been greatly improved by not associating with the 80% of his public school SPed class that had behavioral components to their IEPs, and being surrounded by primarily behaviorally appropriate older friends and adults. I've had to stick to my guns about dropping services when it will conflict with our other priorities, and though initially I've been told that we would not be able to work around it, only once have they not worked it out to accommodate us.

      We've found that being selective with which services we take part in has provided the best environment for our boys.

      ps. Our SPed teacher and school admin are wonderful about schedule and communication! Occasionally they will have schedule conflicts, but their good communication makes it easy to plan our schedules.

      I hope this helps,

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        Re: Advice on IEP Services

        Thank you for your insight and advice!


          Re: Advice on IEP Services

          I would gander your DD's teacher, depending on the state, would not be able to work on goals that a teacher or administration cannot adequately assess. The whole point of drafting goals is to meet them, or, post assessment, to extend the deadline or revise the goal. Working with a SpecEd teacher on math goals should require a quantifiable end goal appropriate to her developmental abilities or grade level, so she might require standardized testing...and they don't typically use homeschool curriculum (our district won't).

          We opted out of all the services my son qualified for this year. It was too much intervention & advocating, and too little oversight. He is doing outstanding in his SC curriculum!
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