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First Start Reading E

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    First Start Reading E

    Do I have to teach FSR E? I know it was not part of the original series. Clara absolutely detested FSR. It did teach her to read, but it was a huge battle every day to get her to do it. I finally gave up halfway through FSR D and it did not seem to harm her. Today was our first day of real school. I picked up SC3 and pulled out FSR for the first topic of the day planning to get it out of the way so that it would be done and we could move on. OMG! Our day started with screaming, crying, swearing (by Clara, not me), writing in the messiest possible way with the left hand (she is right-handed), ripping the pages of the book, putting holes in the page with the pen, throwing the book across the floor, throwing the pen at her sister, etc. It took well more than an hour to get her to calm down enough to be willing to do any more work. She then, very reluctantly and sulkily, did her cursive writing and Core Skills Phonics. She then saw the FSR book on the floor where she had thrown it, stomped on it, pretended not to know the very simple phonics flashcards I had out to review, and has since refused to do any more schoolwork as long as that "f---ing book" (yes, my child actually said that!) is in her house. I do not want to teach this book. I think it will cause more harm than good. I looked through the book and I am relatively certain that she can already read all of the words in it. She is able to read 4th grade level books, and now she will not even read a really simple book because she is so upset. In the time that Clara did one page of FSR, 5 pages of Phonics worksheets, and 2 pages of cursive, Stella was able to complete all of her school work, so this has been going on now for about 3 hours. I do not want to do this to myself, her, or her sister again. I can't. If she won't do her school work her father has said that she is being sent to public school, so this is really a huge issue here.
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    Re: First Start Reading E

    Do the alternate SC3 phonics/Reading start — it’s in the front of the CM. You’ll do the ALS readers and Core Skills 3 for 8 weeks (or less if she wants/is able to move more quickly). Then she can start More Storytime Treasures.

    ETA: Been there with similar responses to school. Praying for you.
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