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Mammals Enrichment: "The World of Animals"?

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    Mammals Enrichment: "The World of Animals"?

    Just started looking at the lesson plans for the Mammal studies in the Curriculum plan for SC4. Im not sure which book the "The World of Animals" is? It wasn't received in the package. Week one says to read from The World of Animals p. 191, and none of the books we have corresponds to that. What am I missing here?


    Re: Mammals Enrichment: "The World of Animals"?

    I think I answered my own question. I just looked at the Mammals Set under By Subject and noticed a link for "The World of Animals & The World of Mammals Cross-Reference". That explains the page number and title confusion The World on Animals is no longer used/or replaced with The World of Mammals.


      Re: Mammals Enrichment: "The World of Animals"?

      I found the out of print book originally scheduled in the guide on thriftbooks. I figured the price was worth my sanity of being able to go off of the curriculum guide and not refer to the cross-reference thingy
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        Re: Mammals Enrichment: "The World of Animals"?

        It's not too bad actually. It's just a quick glance to reference the corresponding chapter. But the curriculum manual would need to be updated, or a copy of the cross ref sent with the Mammal set would be great.