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SC 2 for Older Students - New Users

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    SC 2 for Older Students - New Users

    We often have requests for help with planning an enriching program for older students (age 9, 10, 11+) who need remediation through incremental, explicit instruction in reading, writing, spelling, and math, but whose age requires some modifications in our core content.

    Rather than repeat the suggestions we give in such common situations, we provide our recommendations here for easy reference.

    Based on all of the above modifications for older students, here you go:

    Recommended book list for SC 2 for Older Students who are Newcomers to SC

    Required Supplements (Included in Previous Packages):
    Classical Phonics
    Rod & Staff Grade 1 Math Teacher Manual
    Rod & Staff Grade 1 Student Book Part 1
    Rod & Staff Grade 1 Math Practice Sheets
    Rod & Staff Grade 1 Math Flashcards
    A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories

    From SC 2:
    Simply Classical Curriculum Manual: Level 2 -- includes 4-day lesson plans with optional 5th-day “Review” or 5th-day “Delve Deeply”
    Moose Moments: Short Vowels
    Moose Moments: Silent E
    Moose Moments: Consonant Diagraphs
    Core Skills Phonics 2 & 3
    Phonics Flashcards
    Simply Classical Spelling: Step-by-Step Words
    Core Skills Spelling 1
    New American Cursive 1
    Cursive Practice Sheets
    Second Grade Art Cards
    Simply Classical Writing: Step-by-Step Sentences - CUSTOMIZE this to Bible edition
    Rod & Staff Grade 1 Math Student Book Part 2
    Rod & Staff Grade 1 Math Speed Drills
    Simply Classical Copybook: Book Two, Manuscript (Cursive edition available)
    Animal Tales CD
    At the Farm

    Suggested Supplements:
    Extended Literature Set
    Arithmetic Read-Alouds
    Level 2 Literature, Science, History, & Geography Read-Aloud Set (optional)
    Level 2 Music Playlist
    ALS Readers Fun in the Sun, Scamp & Tramp, Soft & White

    I included the Enrichment materials because they add joy, delight, and enrichment to the day. We want to keep everything from feeling too "remedial." For the older student, enrichment could be conducted in the afternoons or once-weekly for time of refreshment. Emphasize the composers and music, artists & art selections for more advanced studies suitable to her age.

    Revised Oral Reading Schedule for Older Students new to SC:
    Fun in the Sun -- review CVC, Weeks 17,18 (2-3 chapters/day)
    Scamp & Tramp -- review consonant blends -- Weeks 19, 20, 21, 22 (1-2 chapters/day)
    Soft & White -- review silent e and consonant digraphs -- Weeks 23, 24, 25, 26 (1-2 chapters/day)
    Extended Lit Set -- Weeks 26-34
    This will differ from the schedule in the SC Manual, but you can inform her that this is because she is older, more mature, and can read these books instead! You can also use the A Child's Garden of Bible Stories as a reader when her ability permits. This is the year of becoming a good reader!

    Needed links:

    SC Level 2: Comprehension, Calculations, & Character

    ALS Readers to substitute - first three only

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

    Or, if you are a do-it-yourself person, carefully follow these instructions:

    Omit & Change
    1. Omit the entire SC Storytime Treasures Set for an older student (but only if the student would be thoroughly "insulted" by studying Little Bear, etc.)
    2. Replace SC Storytime Treasures Set with additional oral reading practice from the first three ALS readers. We already include the 4th in SC 2 and will cover the others in SC 3.
    3. Customize SC Writing - Change SC Writing Read-Aloud to SC Writing Bible edition.

    If new to SC, be sure to order "Required Supplements included in previous packages."
    Order also the R&S Arithmetic Student Book from SC 1.

    Arithmetic - Double Pace
    Consider covering R&S 1 Arithmetic at double-pace to cover both Part 1 (SC 1) and Part 2 (SC 2) in one year if the student is of average intelligence. This will allow your older student to solidify math facts and build a strong foundation. Cut in half the assigned practice (from two days to one day) to accelerate her pace. This will allow the student to finish R&S 1 in one year. Then she can proceed directly to studying half of R&S 2 in SC 3 as written in our SC 3 plans.

    We are removing the SC Storytime readers, so she will need additional oral reading practice. Add the first three of these more "grown-up" readers in this manner:

    Fun in the Sun, Soft & White, Scamp & Tramp from this list of ALS readers. She might notice the K on the cover, but remind her that these are just for good, regular practice in decoding and fluency during second semester. It does not mean she is a K student. She is in Level 2 of Simply Classical, and this does not mean she is in 2nd grade. These are all sequential, not according to grade.
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