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We are officially in!

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    We are officially in!

    We finally made our definite decision to home school our daughter this year! I ordered the SC 4 a few days ago and this morning I notified the school and school board about our decision. It's such a relief to finally take the leap and start planning the year. I've been researching for several months now, and been weighing all the pros and cons (we have 3 younger boys to care for as well), but God has kept giving me sign after sign that this is the right path for our family. I'm under no illusion that this will be easy, and I know I will need lots of guidance from you all along the way. So my first questions are:

    1. I'm supposed to hand in a letter of intent to homeschool in addition to supplying a curricula over view by tomorrow. Is there a summary/book list/rubric that I can use that already exists? This would make it more expedient for me to give to the board. I don't think I need to go into extreme detail, but an outline for sure.
    2. As I begin to plan. How many hours a day should I set aside (approx) to cover the daily material? My daughter has mild autism and keeps up around, or slightly below grade level with her work.

    Thank you for your help, and I'm very excited to join you all!

    Re: We are officially in!

    Congratulations, Malin!

    Book List -
    The first post in a forum thread on SC 4 gives you a book list.

    Overview of Skills -
    If you look at the SC 4 page, you will see something called Skills to Develop, which will give you brief, projected objectives.

    Sample Schedule -
    See the front of your SC 4 Curriculum Manual. You will find a sample schedule. This can be condensed to become a shorter day as you move along, but for reporting purposes you can allow the time allotted for each segment with small breaks for both of you.


      Re: We are officially in!

      Thank you Cheryl, this is very helpful as I'm drafting my letter! I ordered our SC curricula just a few days ago, so I don't have the manual yet. Or is there a digital down load of it as well?


        Re: We are officially in!

        I am not sure if you can receive a digital download (someone at MP will know). As you wait to find out, you might simply allow from 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. for your first few weeks. Many families find that a set start time is very helpful. The end time can vary, just so long as you do not allow it to drag past a certain time. You can decide the time. For some this is 1 pm., for others 3 p.m. I tell my own children I make no decisions after dinner!


          Re: We are officially in!

          Check the sample download of the guide, it might include those pages
          DS12- Simply Classical mash-up of SC Spelling 1, intensive reading remediation, and MPOA 4th grade math.
          DD10- Classic Core 4th Grade w/ 5th grade literature
          DD8- Classic Core 2nd Grade

          We've completed:
          Classic Core Jr. kindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade
          Simply Classical levels B, C, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5/6


            Re: We are officially in!

            I don't know what state you are in, but if it is Arkansas, then you can just say curriculum: math, science, social studies, reading, language art - Memoria Press. Schedule: 4-5 days/week 34-36 weeks per year. (Or whatever you somewhat plan on)

            I don't think they actually care as long as you have signed it. That was the advice I received when I started and there has never been a comment about it. Arkansas doesn't require a specific curriculum or a specific number of days, so the more vague the better as no one can then say, you said you would be teaching x on y date and time and I see you are at the park instead!

            That definitely only covers Arkansas, though. Every state is different.
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              Re: We are officially in!

              Thank you all! I'm finally done with my letter and heading to bed