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Am I too late

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    Am I too late

    My son is a former premie who spent his first year in the NICU. He is now 6 years old and has spent the last 3 years watching his favorite tv shows to entertain him. That was not my initial plan of course. He was left home with nurses while I attended classes at our local university. During that time his nurses were supposed to incorporate his therapy into his daily routines. However, they often just let him do the therapy and watch these very specific shows for which he is now, I believe, very addicted. From sun up to sun down, in no particular order, he watches "his" shows. When I realized this was becoming an issue, I never pressed the issue for fear of losing our only help. When he began to attend public school they reassured me the could "get him off" but obviously was not the case. Now due to other reasons we have decided to pursue a classical homeschool regime.

    He has many challenges including chorea, dystonia, unable to control his arms, severe CP, doesn't eat by mouth, and a host of other health issues. But he loves these shows and is very aware if he doesn't know one and will refuse to watch it. I once heard a comedian say he will never let his children watch TV because he could never compete with that. They will never appreciate a sunny day. I know that this has been a hole we have allowed ourselves to fall in and now that we have a 6 month old to add to the equation I'm pressing to end this TV addiction before he gets attached.

    When it's off and he doesn't hear the familiarity of it he cries endlessly. I've never pushed for an entire day but I've pushed a few car rides no more than an hour long. He is absolutely uninterested in anything. And we have tried. His vision is poor due to ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) and like I said before controlling his arms just frustrates him. I don't want his life to fall into this trap forever. Do I just cut him off completely tough it out? Because that is where I'm at. My very whits end and I'm so over Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Please help. Any advice!

    Re: Am I too late

    Welcome to the SC forum.

    I am sorry to hear about your son, but it is not too late!

    He is not destined to lead a life of television-filled days. You have tried weaning him off, but to no avail, so you may need in-person help. Are you near a children's hospital with a pediatric psychiatrist/psychologist?

    If not, perhaps you already have a good team for his neurological needs (dystonia, chorea), and this person might recommend someone?