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Simply Classical Levels 5 & 6 Book List

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    Re: SC 5-6 Book List

    Originally posted by jejegreer View Post
    I have been off of the forum for awhile. I sometimes try to limit my online time. I plan to use SC 4 next year, and then SC 5/6 as one year. However, one of the HUGE attraction factors to SC is the 4 day a week plan. It gives us time to catch up. It gives us time to go on field trips. It gives us time for doctor's appointments. It gives us time to study, in depth, the topics that I think are so important, like art and music, if we do not need a catch up day. I have been dying trying to do Stella's MP6 in 4 days, and we are all upset, frustrated, and unhappy with it. I would very much prefer 4 days. I will need to do SC 5/6 combined. Clara's reading, thanks to Cheryl's program and her assistance, is incredible now. She is reading Les Miserables (obviously an abridged version)! I do not want to hold her back, and really do not want to put her in regular MP because she will see the grade level and become downtrodden and even more argumentative than usual. I also completely believe that the help that Cheryl puts in the SC guides is what makes Clara understand everything we are doing. I am now praying that a 4-day option will be added to the 1 year plan. I have noticed that Sonlight has a 4 and a 5 day option. I have no desire to do Sonlight, but I really hope that SC can have both options.

    Just another note on this in case you did not see the instructions earlier in this thread. (I would not expect you to have seen these & respect your commitment not to be online too much!)

    Sharing here:

    We created the plans for 5 days. We included both review and "delve deeply," along with brief movement/multisensory lessons within the 5 days.

    If your family relies on 4 days, you can teach 4 days especially if you choose the standard Two-Year plans.

    On Tuesdays and Thursdays we often have lighter days reviewing spelling words and patterns, math facts, and Latin vocabulary. You could move these to the lesson days by placing the review first in each subject, then teaching the lesson.

    Combine either Thursdays & Fridays or combine Tuesdays & Wednesdays. You would begin your lesson with any Tues or Thurs review activities that might be suggested, or you could omit them if your student does not need them! This will give you a 5th day for any of these options: being free, reviewing, catching up, or delving deeply into anything you might have missed or want to explore further.

    Teaching from the One-Year plans might be more challenging to accomplish in 4 days, but it can be done.