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General Update (With Big News)

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    Re: General Update (With Big News)

    Originally posted by Anita View Post
    They are putting him on a half day schedule. He will go to school at the regular time and I’ll pick him up before lunch. (So I get to drive to and from the school four times a day, five days a week.
    Yay )

    But if he can build up endurance for a whole day AND get some special ed classes/IEP/504 in place...?

    Hubby wants to give him a chance. I do, too... But I could just homeschool him more easily. I’ll basically be homeschooling him for all the material he’s missing in the latter half of the day anyway.

    I’m tired and (honestly) don’t want to think about this anymore. GOOD. NIGHT!
    How frustrating. I'm sorry Anita. You can always give it a trial run. Maybe they can come up with a plan to get him to a full day at the IEP meeting.

    Have you requested an IEP evaluation in writing yet? I'm sure the school has good intentions, but until you put your request in writing they aren't accountable to any type of timeline. Once you have it in writing, they have to get the evaluation and the IEP written and in place within a certain amount of time (either 60 or 90 days, I don't remember) in order to say in compliance with federal regulations.

    Praying for you.

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