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Myself & Others Question for my two children

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    Myself & Others Question for my two children

    So, I have two children, with varying special needs.

    My son is 11, academically just fine, but has Sensory Processing Disorder, Tourette Syndrome, Joint Hypermobility Syndrome which has given fine motor issues. I would say he's a bit immature emotionally, and he also is very much an unaware personality, if that makes any sense. His attention definitely needs some work, as far as being aware of his surroundings etc... He also needs some focused work in self-care - especially eating properly (appropriate portions) etc...

    My daughter is 8, and is also doing well academically (probably a year behind), but has Autism (high functioning), some short attention span issues, and health issues, including (but not limited to), the same Joint Hypermobility Syndrome her brother has. Though she has no fine or gross motor delay. She is catching up emotionally (seems interested in similar things to her peers etc), but as far as self/emotional self-control she is definitely behind. Also, she needs work in social skills, understanding social niceties etc...

    I am looking at the Myself & Others program, and wondering if they might help my children. If so, I was wondering where to start them. I was thinking maybe trying to do Book 1 & 2 this year with my youngest and books 3 & 4 with my oldest, but would 3 be too young for him?

    ETA: Also, do levels 3 or 4 talk about the importance of picking up after yourself and keeping your room clean? This is a huge issue for my son.
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    Re: Myself & Others Question for my two children

    Yes, this sounds like a good plan!

    M&O 3 & 4 will address cleanliness, tidiness, helpfulness in the home, and more. I do not think it will be too young for him, based on your descriptions. I found the lessons beneficial for myself!