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Super Quick Suggestion

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    Super Quick Suggestion

    In the lower SC Levels — regarding “songs every child should know” — I suggest adding hand clap songs.

    Everyone I knew growing up knew how to do this, but most “kids nowadays” don’t. It’s a lost pleasure. And it’s great for hand-eye coordination, crossing the midline, rhyme scheme, focus, rhythm, concentration, and turn-taking.

    Just a suggestion.
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    Re: Super Quick Suggestion

    Excellent! Yes, Anita. You are right. I had one of those light bulb moments with my son a couple years back when I realized just how challenged he was with internal neural timing. It pretty much affects so many areas of their lives. So I sought some timing therapy and made a connection with a therapist who could educate us and get us off and going to do things at home (with a metronome.) So, yes, clapping songs like what's here falls within this realm of what I'm talking about. But also just all kinds of movements, taps, claps to a metronome beat of 54 bpm.



      Re: Super Quick Suggestion

      Yes! I did these with Michelle for the very reasons you both mention. "Say, say, oh, playmate..." was a favorite.

      Thanks for the suggestion --