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Tweens, Teens, & Organization

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    Tweens, Teens, & Organization

    This past week at Sodalitas, Jen1134 and I led a session on helping tweens & teens with Executive Function, ADHD, ASD and other challenges.

    As a mom of seven, many of whom face these difficulties, Jennifer's insights and practical tips were enlightening. Look for the video recording when Sodalitas videos release. Until then, this is the handout from my portion. Sharing here for anyone who missed our wonderfully refreshing time together this week.

    I thoroughly enjoyed (finally) meeting Miah, chatting with Julie P about her new fall co-op for special needs (!), and seeing so many new faces along with SusanP, VCoots, Jen1134, howiecram, and more!

    Thank you to everyone who attended, especially all who sacrificed to do so. The Sodalitas motto is apt: Dare et accipere, to give & to receive. All of you did this with your unique stories, struggles, personalities, wisdom, experience, and eagerness.

    Save the dates for next year: July 8-9, 2019, with optional extra topical intensives July 10.

    Re: Tweens, Teens, & Organization


    Thank you so much for this handout which somehow I missed getting in the workshop! I responded to this late last night and then, while editing a sentence from my phone, I guess I ended up deleting my post! Anyway, the gist of what I asked about was this....

    1) You mention an inbox/outbox approach for teens as something to try. Can you share what this is, what it would look like?

    2) You mentioned the dates for next year and that there will be optional intensives on the day following SG. Is this a reference to the pre-conference training sessions for both homeschoolers and teachers like what has happened the past few years? Or are you alluding to optional intensives specifically related to SN? The reason I ask is because I have been mulling over what I approach I might take in the future. I really think I would have benefitted from going through the 3rd grade teacher training track and would really like to try to make that happen in the future (for 4th grade and up).




      Re: Tweens, Teens, & Organization

      Thanks, Susan. It was a virtual "handout" accessible only by the link, so you didn't miss anything.

      Inbox/outbox -
      You can imagine that his work as an older student is his calling, so his work place ought to reflect this. You might browse images of office spaces, desks, cubicles, organizational systems. What appeals to him? See if you can create an approximation of this "look" and find, perhaps, classic wooden flat trays. One on his left can hold his incoming work (inbox); the other on his right, his completed work (outbox) for you to grade. Temple Grandin often talks about teaching our children with ASD (and other conditions) to follow instructions and take responsibility for task completion. This simple system might help in a way that is not overwhelming, yet is visual and possibly even satisfying. In the Inbox you might place his cursive practice sheets, R&S blacklines, or any other (largely) independent work.

      Conference tracks -
      Yes, attending curriculum-based tracks is extremely helpful! Teachers "walk you through" teaching, both how and why. You could join SC for meals or for an occasional session. The intensives, if constructed as in the past, would be the Classical Latin School Association pre-conference sessions just like they were this year.


        Re: Tweens, Teens, & Organization

        Thank you for sharing the handout. It is wonderful! I am simply soaking up all of this information.
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