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    Re: What to do?

    Originally posted by empokorski View Post
    I don’t have a lot to offer here, but I have been reading this thread and I am completely fascinated. Our lives are a bit flipped in a different direction. I struggle to get my kids into bed by 8:30-9. Some of this is due to activities that run until 7 or later! Then, I usually have to wake them up even at 7. I would love to move bedtime up so I actually have more time with my husband. It feels like I finally get them into bed and then I get downstairs and I’m running around stressed and trying to get prepared for the next day and then I end up stuck such that I’m to bed late and not able to wake up early because I’m tired, the kids are grouchy because I woke them up, I hate breakfast because there are inevitably always complaining and the kids want to play in the AM and do school has routinely started around 9AM for us. Adding another child this year who is a restless 5-yr old who has already decided he doesn’t like school because it takes too long and too much work is going to be a new challenge for me. I’m trying to figure out what schedule I’d like and then let them know before we formally start school so we can get on track with it. I need a way to keep everyone accountable and keep them from running off! Yeesh. I think some exercise in the AM is great, but I feel I get bulldozed at times because they want to play. Trying to be better prepared this year so I am not rushing in the AM to gather materials, etc...

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    Yes, we've never been able to do evening activities except in summer (but even those are limited). Fatigue makes every one ten times worse in this house. The older kids don't fall asleep until 9 or 10, but I don't worry about it because all four of them share a small room so they talk to each other and/or read until they fall asleep.

    Morning exercise would completely derail us too...for the older kids we have a rule that you eat breakfast, do your chore (this can count as exercise, right? ), and then start on school. It's harder to get the younger ones into that because they don't have much in the way of independent work and so have to wait for me to start laundry, take care of the 3 year old, etc.
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      Re: What to do?

      I only have the one in homeschool now, but neither of us are morning people, so I figure why fight biology so hard? We start school at about 10:30 and go late. His bedtime is 10. I would happily be nocturnal given the chance, so even starting at 10:30 is sometimes hard for me. That's the beauty of homeschool to me that we can accommodate our sleep habits like that.

      My husband works crazy hours, sometimes days and gone 5:30-7:30, mostly nights and gone similar, but sleeping all day, so our school day really doesn't have to account for him. His days off are nearly random, so I did have to implement a strict school days are Mon-Fri, do the work before hanging out with dad rule.

      (You have no idea how hard it was for me to be at HLS every morning at what amounted to 6 AM to my internal clock!)
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