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Anyone use Barton method with classical schooling?

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    Anyone use Barton method with classical schooling?

    We’re looking at potential accommodations for our son in 1st grade next year. He struggles with visual processing, working memory, and overall processing speed. The Barton method was recommended as an option for teaching reading, but I don’t personally have experience with that approach. Have any of you integrated that method into either Classical homeschooling or accommodations in the Classical classroom?

    Re: Anyone use Barton method with classical schooling?

    I will mention that some of our students at HLS are diagnosed with dyslexia in the first grade so modifications with reading and spelling are made. Now, with the adoption of Traditional Spelling modification would no longer be needed for spelling (we shortened the lists) but for reading, be sure your child reads orally. Lessen the length of your child's reading portion. Team read some each day as well as having only the child read aloud. You make up the difference in reading. Be sure your child understands what he has decoded as well and don't skip the re-reading sessions that are scheduled.

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      Re: Anyone use Barton method with classical schooling?

      Check out Simply Classical! It's Memoria Press curriculum with built in accommodations for kids that struggle. We have a specific forum here on the website where you can ask any questions.

      I would recommend you browse Simply Classical level 1 and 2. Level 1 ensures mastery of letter sounds and early reading / blending. Level 2 would be very similar to first grade.
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        Re: Anyone use Barton method with classical schooling?

        SJune80, to answer your question directly, yes! We have some families who incorporate Barton into the SC Curriculum, and we have some students in classical schools who are taught from Barton as a supplement.

        If your student does not need the intensive teaching of Barton, you will find SC Curriculum sufficient, comprehensive, and less expensive.

        However, if your student needs Barton, you can learn to teach the program yourself through tutorial videos.

        We encourage anyone whose child has more moderate-to-severe dyselxia to research well. We offer a reference book on dyslexia in our Educational Resources.

        The keys to intervention: explicit, multi-sensory, incremental teaching with an emphasis on phonological awareness when teaching to read. Some of our students do very well with the phonics & reading progression in our SC Curriculum and never need a separate or additional reading program. Others benefit from extra work in Barton.

        Feel free to ask further questions!