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Help with placements?

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    Help with placements?

    We have been super relaxed, basically trying to do some handwriting and math daily for our so who turns 10 next week. I am wanting to switch to MP for everyone and don't know where to put him. I was thinking about just a few things, but I don't really know that I want to continue using the LA that we are using, we are sticking with the math I think. I don't know he really loved R&S when we used it before I started changing everything around. He is a very strong reader, doesn't really like to read for pleasure unless it is non-fiction. Writing - horrible and we haven't done much with creative writing, he is a very good speller.

    So we also have a 15yo with down syndrome, she is very reluctant to do anything with me. I know she is a smart gal, very delayed in expressive language, I am confident she can learn to read and do more with her day.

    Also have a 7yo gal(1/28/11) who is very slow to learn to read. We are working with the Christian Light Education Learn to Read program. She wears glasses/bifocals and I don't know if we just aren't trying hard enough or if there is a vision problem. I'm not one to jump to a specialist until we give it a bit more of a go, so I can see exactly what is going on. So I am thinking of starting her with the full K program.

    We have tried so many different things and never stick with anything. I want to just use something and tell them that is what the books says to do - get to work.


    Re: Help with placements?

    Originally posted by 4Brightdays View Post
    I want to just use something and tell them that is what the books says to do - get to work. Thanks. Christi
    Yes, that can help tremendously.

    You might consider SC 3 for your son. We teach introductory writing through American history and Bible (i.e., both non-fiction).

    Could you combine your 15yo and 7yo to make instruction focused more on the task at hand and less on your relationship? If yes, SC 1 might be a good fit for both of them.

    Happily, SC 1 and SC 3 uses the same Christian studies book which covers the good, comforting stories from both the Old and New Testaments. This can be a very unifying beginning to your home school day.

    If you want to pursue this, we can help you plan out your day!


      Re: Help with placements?

      That is something I had never really considered other than SC1 for the girls together. I think SC3 might be too easy for our son. But hard to say for sure.


        Re: Help with placements?

        An alternative might be to combine all three for the Bible lesson only. Teach your son introductory writing from SC Writing Two, Bible version. After several lessons, he might be able to complete this independently while you work with your daughters.

        Then teach your son from the MP Classical Core Curriculum wherever he fits best. Clearly your son has some strengths, including spelling! He may catch up quickly in those weaker areas with good instruction.