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Summer MPOA vs summer camps/vacations

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    Summer MPOA vs summer camps/vacations

    I am interested in having my son take the Ovid class this summer, but he is also wanting to do a one week camp at a college this summer and a one week Catholic retreat this summer. Add to that the fact that our family usually takes a few days of a week to go on a mini-vacation which has to be timed when my husband can clear a few days of his busy work schedule. Is it possible to do both? How disruptive would it be to miss 2-3 of the 8 Ovid classes if he can watch the recorded classes? I am not even sure if Ovid would go on his transcript- is it even a 1/2 credit of work? If not, I guess it really does not matter if he misses since it would be totally supplemental unless it disrupts the rest of the class to have a student miss. Must we choose between a summer class and summer camps or can we do both?
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    Re: Summer MPOA vs summer camps/vacations


    Thank you very much for the question. While not ideal this should be fine. This happens every summer with students missing some of the class. I will consult with Mrs. Timmis on the credit recommendation. You can always personally email me at [email protected] as well.


    Scott Piland
    Memoria Press Online Academy