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    Latin summer classes

    I noticed this evening that you have a fourth form review class and an Ovid class this summer. My daughter is in fourth form this year. Is it possible to take the Ovid class or does she have to wait until after Henle 2? She would like to take something this summer and thought Ovid sounded more interesting than fourth form review. I told her I would ask.


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    Re: Latin summer classes


    My apologies for the late reply. This class would NOT be for a student who has just completed Fourth Form, according to Mrs. Timmis. The prerequisites are:

    Students must have completed the Henle First Year Text (or First through Fourth Form texts), or the equivalent of the entire first year Latin grammar in another program (such as the complete Wheelock text). Students should also have completed Henle Latin II: Caesar or another basic translation class and have earned at least a B+. It is assumed that students have a strong background in Latin grammar, and are familiar with purpose clauses, result, clauses, and the subjunctive. This course is not designed to be the student’s first translation class.

    I would have your student take the Fourth Form Latin Review class with Mrs. Timmis (the Ovid teacher) hope this helps!

    Scott Piland
    Memoria Press Online Academy