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Online General Biology - evolution or creationism?

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    Online General Biology - evolution or creationism?

    Can anyone tell me whether the online General Biology classes hold to a creationist or evolutionary worldview?

    Thanks in advance!


    Re: Online General Biology - evolution or creationism?


    Thank you for the question. I think I may have just answered this in a personal email to you, but I'll post it here as well. The answer is neither.

    We do not go into origins specifically, which is a distinct (and important question). The textbook has a section on evolutionary biology and our instructors handle it with great care and sensitivity. We firmly reject naturalism, that everything arises from purely material and natural causes, but also recognize a diversity of opinion about the compatibility of Christian belief and the age of the earth. With all of this in mind, we've chosen a text that will prepare students for university, taught by knowledgeable instructor to guide students through these issues, which is not necessarily the case with other home school curriculums. We've done it this way b

    Evolution is a distinct issue from our perspective, and is more about the process by which different organisms developed. We employ the widely adopted distinction between micro-evolution (an undeniable, observable fact) and macro-evolution (more problematic, not observable, and inferred more from what some see in the fossil record, i.e. historical biology). Micro-evolution would be small-scale​ ​evolution within individual species. Macro-evolution, on the other hand, transcends the bounds of species, and is not something that is observable in nature.

    The online academy does not take a specific position on the age of the earth, but neither do we subscribe to theistic evolution or the philosophical position of metaphysical naturalism (that everything arises from purely natural causes). ​At the same time, we do not require students or faculty to hold to a six literal day creation, although many of them do. Others hold to a more old earth kind of position​.​

    Some really like the way we handle this and others are looking for something different and more specifically from a young-earth position (e.g. Apologia), in which case this class would definitely not be what you want. We have had many students coming from both ends of the spectrum, both young-earth and old-earth and everything in between, and they have been extremely satisfied with the class and our approach.

    I hope this helps you. Thanks for the question!

    Scott Piland
    Memoria Press Online Academy