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Latina Christiana or First Form Latin Memoria Academy

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    Latina Christiana or First Form Latin Memoria Academy

    Hello, I’m trying to decide which Latin class to choose for my fifth grader. Is the First Form Latin class geared towards high school students? Is it the same pacing as the accelerated fourth grade core? Thanks

    First Form Latin is for beginning Latin students from grades 5 and up or for 4th graders who have completed Latina Christiana in 3rd (the accelerated track you mentioned). I believe the age range in the online varies from 5th-9th but will primarily be 5-6th graders. It would be a great place for typical 5th graders to start. If you have a struggling student, it might be best to start with Latina Christiana which moves slower and does not require mastery to move on like the Forms do.
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