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    Website Redesign Feedback

    Hello MPOA,

    First, I'd like to say that the redesigned MPOA site looks very nice. I know how much time and effort this project must have taken. The end result is a sleek, modernized website. So for that, congratulations! I particularly like the Diploma Program section, which was previously a bit convoluted.

    That being said, I feel that browsing the course catalog by grade is a huge step back in terms of usability. I'm glad last week we figured out which classes we are planning on taking through MPOA next, as this redesign would have made it much more difficult.

    To illustrate the problem, we have a rising 8th grader. If you go to the Eighth Grade page, you see a list of subjects implemented as an accordion (a common design pattern). While I appreciate that the courses are now categorized, it does result in a significant number of more clicks.

    More importantly, however, what's lost in the redesign is that it is no longer obvious which courses should be considered for an eighth grader for a given subject. Two examples:
    • Under Latin and Greek, Henle I and 1FL are listed. Where is 2FL/3FL/4FL? Ok let's go back to 7th grade and check out the options. Oops, 1FL and 4FL are listed instead. (We're looking for 2FL.)
    • Under Classical Composition, HSC1, FoC, and CT are listed. Where is Chreia/Maxim + Ref/Con? Check 7th grade and it's not listed there either.
    Now, that's knowing which courses we want to take. Which, of course, is just easier to find if we use the All Courses page. But to someone who is not familiar with the range of options an 8th grader could be taking, it would be impossible to figure out that e.g. Chreia/Maxim + Ref/Con (or separately, for a slower pace) is a nice option for 8th grade composition. You can't even get to the course descriptions from this table.

    Before the redesign, it was much easier to jump between the pertinent course options and read through the descriptions and pre-requisites.

    That being said, I'm wondering if these issues could be improved if:
    • Grade level-based pages used a layout similar to the subject-based pages, as in the Latin Courses page. (Though I could do without the zig-zagging approach.)
    • The All Courses table included links to the course descriptions and maybe even a grade levels column with the ability to filter by grade.
    Anyway, sorry for the unsolicited feedback. But I figured it might be helpful to share my experience with the redesign, as I was excited to give it a whirl.

    Kudos to the MPOA team!
    DD15—MP7, MP8
    DS9—MP1, MP2

    I agree with the comments above. The search features need to upgraded pretty quickly. In my quick attempt last night to find courses I wanted, I went to all courses and searched by teacher for Maycock and it only pulled up his full year classes. I had to go to courses to find his material logic class. However, just now I went to all classes with a filter on Latin and it gave all sessions for those, including summer. However, I couldn’t find those same adult Latin classes using the search bar. I couldn’t find adult summer Latin by going to summer session - they weren’t given a button on that page and that particular session had no filter like the other sessions. I too disliked the fact that I could not access a description of the course from the all course page with the filter since it means I had to find another way to search for and find find the course. I understand the need for upgraded servers and such and am neutral on the new formatting, but I do find the new system much harder to navigate and I know exactly what I am looking for.

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    15th year homeschooling, 12th year with Memoria Press
    DD College Freshman
    DS 10th grade - Lukeion Latin and Greek, Vita Beata Greek Dramas
    DS 8th grade - Vita Beata Literature
    DS 3rd grade - Vita Beata Literature, Right Start F, First Form Latin


      Hi folks,
      We very much appreciate the feedback. As with any website launch, there is always clean up work to do! We will be working on these things as quickly as we can.

      Paul Schaeffer
      Academy Director
      Memoria Press Online Academy