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    First form Latin typical age

    I know first form Latin shows up in 5th grade in the curriculum, but it is also taken by a very wide grade range. In the online classes, what age range do you typically see/what is it geared toward? I have a rising 5th grader who just finished the self paced Latina christiana and did great, and would love to take Latin online, but he is definitely not old for his age if that makes sense. I'm trying to decide if it would be a good fit.
    DS10: gr5- MP5, FFL(MPOA), fable (MPOA), LOF math, Westminster Shorter Catechism Workbook, Vita Beata Lit5 and FMOR

    DS14: gr9- MP8, FFL, fable/narrative (MPOA), R&S math 6, Myself & Others 3, Ligonier connect biblical studies, coop art/PE/Life Skills
    DS9: gr4- MP4, LC, intro to comp, LOF Math, Myself and Others 3, catechism workbook, coop art/PE/supplemental science

    Hi Julia,
    Most of our First Form students are in the 5th-7th grade range. If he did well with the Latina Christiana class, he should do well with First Form online.

    Paul Schaeffer
    Paul Schaeffer
    Academy Director
    Memoria Press Online Academy