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Fable Class & grammar recitation

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    Fable Class & grammar recitation

    I notice the Fable writing Class also requires the grammar recitation 1 materials. Does this class cover grammar recitation 1 as well as fable or just refer to it? My son is in 4th this year and is doing grammar recitation very slowly (he will nit finish it) we put off fable until next year and he is doing intro to composition (it is very helpful for him). I would like him to take the online fable class. Will he need a new workbook for the class since we have already done some of it this year?
    DS14: gr9- MP8, FFL, fable/narrative (MPOA), R&S math 6, Myself & Others 3, Ligonier connect biblical studies, coop art/PE/Life Skills
    DS9: gr4- MP4, LC, intro to comp, LOF Math, Myself and Others 3, catechism workbook, coop art/PE/supplemental science

    Yes, the Fable Composition Class does cover English Grammar Recitation I as well. This is meant to provide students with a working understanding of basic English grammar concepts. As concepts are introduced and learned, students will apply them in their written work. By pairing the abstract study of grammar rules with the application of the rules, students will gain a better understanding of how grammar can be used to communicate effectively in writing.

    The workbook itself will not be graded but will be used to prepare students for their online grammar quiz that will be required. So you don't have to purchase a new workbook unless you think it will be beneficial for your student to redo those pages to prep for the exam.